Windows 7 - How to get rid of personal folders view in nagivation pane with MA

Asked By JaxDeVO on 10-Jan-10 09:40 PM
Hi, trying to help a friend who migrated to hosted mail with MAPI. She is
running Oultlook 2003 with latest updates. In the navigation there are
personal folders and MAPI folders. The personal folders always show at top
and  expanded, with the MAPI folders below and not expanded. She only wants
to see the MAPI folders expanded in the navigation view. I tried deleting the
personal folders and it would not let me and it will not let you deliver to
MAPI, which I understand why. Does anyone know how to make this happen?

Roady [MVP] replied to JaxDeVO on 11-Jan-10 04:18 AM
Is this a hosted Exchange account?
You can change the default delivery location in;
Tools-> Account Settings...-> button Next-> drop down list at the bottom.
After restarting Outlook, you can disconnect Personal Folders file via;
File-> Data File Management...

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