Windows 7 - Can I purchase just Outlook 2007 without the entire office?

Asked By Joe on 07-Mar-07 10:15 AM
I want only Outlook 2007, so that I can synch with my Motorola Q. Will this
product work alone? I have the trial version and it seems to work, but it's
the trial of the entire office suite. Is there anywhere I can download
Outlook instead of getting it mailed to me? I have tried Microsoft but they
only offer full suite downloads.


Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] replied on 07-Mar-07 11:48 AM
You can probably pick it up in a store, or order it online from a reseller.
Oliver Vukovics replied on 07-Mar-07 12:13 PM
Hi Joey,

of course you can buy Outlook 2007 seperate:

Oliver Vukovics
Share Outlook without Exchange: Public ShareFolder
Freeware addin for Outlook: Public Mail 2 Contact
Chuck Davis replied on 07-Mar-07 01:39 PM
Certainly you can buy it separately. However, if you wish to use MS Word as
your e-mail editor, bot must be the same version.
Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook] replied on 07-Mar-07 04:09 PM
Not so. Word is the only editor for Outlook 2007. If Word is not installed,
Outlook still has the code it needs in a dll.
Russ Valentine
ravensatravensviewdotca replied on 08-Mar-07 02:22 PM
Just to clarify -I have Office 2003, on WinXP. I'd like to upgrade to Outlook
2007, but leave the rest of Office as 2003. I use Word (2003) as email
If I just do the Outlook 2007 upgrade, will that mix still work together OK?
Chuck Davis replied on 08-Mar-07 03:19 PM
Russ, I believe my point was IF the OP wanted to use Word it must be the
Brian Tillman replied on 08-Mar-07 03:58 PM
Outlook 2007 will use its own embedded version of Word and not integrate
with Word 2003.
Brian Tillman