Windows 7 - Just need Orca.exe...

Asked By plsullivan6 on 15-Aug-07 01:56 PM
I need Orca.exe. I am to download Windows SDK Components for Windows
Installer Developers to get to this .exe. When I go to download the
above, it's expecting to have 1GB of disk space. Orca is in the
Windows Installer Development Tools which are a component of the
download. Nutshell... can I do a custom download to just get the tools
and how much disk space will be required? Thanks. -pls

Matt Loar [MSFT] replied on 16-Aug-07 09:07 PM
Your best bet for getting Orca would be to download the Windows SDK from .
The download is actually a 400 KB bootstrapper.  You can then select
only the "Win32 Development Tools" feature, which is approximately 10
MB.  Assuming that you use the default install location, you then would
find the Orca installer itself at C:\Program Files\Microsoft

Matt Loar

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