Windows 7 - Certificate from thumprint

Asked By pradee on 17-May-07 05:25 AM
We can get thumbprint of a certificate using CryptHashCertificate.
But how can we get a certificate from thumbprint?

rowei replied on 17-May-07 01:38 PM
Pardon me if I have misunderstood your question, but that is not a dersirable
property of hash functions. Hashes are intended to be one way. You can
duplicate a hash given the hash algorithm and original message which is the
point of thumbprints. I don't think there are any APIs that support cracking
a hash. That would defeat the purpose.
Can Balioglu replied on 17-May-07 05:32 PM

Use the CertFindCertificateInStore routine and specify CERT_FIND_SHA1_HASH
(or CERT_FIND_MD5_HASH depending on your thumbprint algorithm) for the
dwFindType parameter.

Can Balioglu
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pradee replied on 18-May-07 02:24 AM
Thanks rowein & can balioglu
rowein,I got ur point ,also I studied more on hash and understood its use.
can balioglu ,i think what you are suggesting is use of a thumbprint,i.e
matching of thumbprints,which is what thumbprints are for(i.e verifcation).