Windows 7 - Explorer exception 0xC000071F ??

Asked By DelphiCpp on 26-Mar-10 09:22 AM

I am upgrading NSE xp -> 7. on xp & 2003 it runs fine for years. on 7 i
have random crashes of windows explorer with stack trace to ntdll and
exception code 0xC000071F. as far as exception occurs in explorer and
not in my code I am unable to track it down. so far i cannot determine
some specific action that causes the crash but if i browse the nse for a
longer period ( > 2-3 mins ) the crash arrives.

can anybody tell me what is this code for and any reasons for it?

thanks in advance.

Jim Barry replied to DelphiCpp on 26-Mar-10 11:42 AM
From ntstatus.h:

// MessageText:
// A threadpool worker thread enter a callback, which left with
preferred languages set.
// This is unexpected, indicating that the callback missed clearing them.

I have no idea about the reason :(

- Jim
DelphiCpp replied to Jim Barry on 26-Mar-10 03:39 PM
thank you a lot, Jim

would you tell me a few more words as I totally do not understand what
MessageText says... ?! I do not use any localization, every string i pass
to shell (i.e. IShellFolder::GetDisplayNameOf() ) is Unicode English and
run test on 7 Ultimate with English language installed only.

Jim Barry replied to DelphiCpp on 29-Mar-10 05:58 AM
Sorry, that is about all I know. All I did was look up the exception code
in the SDK headers.

- Jim
DelphiCpp replied to Jim Barry on 29-Mar-10 06:43 AM
this is why i always get headache when programming shell...

one more question:
virtually, the only (so far) thing i did to make NSE almost working on 7
is add support for IIdentityName. not stated anywhere in SDK it MUST be
done but i saw shell queries IShellFolder::CreateViewObject() and
BindToObject() - although documentation claims it should be obtained
through the last only - and NSE started to work... and crashes :-(
my guess is shell insists to have IShellItem *idea* about NSE's items

is there any other interface i MUST implement that documentation forgot
to mention?