Windows 7 - Sent Items are not sync'd

Asked By jss on 11-Nov-08 11:43 PM
I have a Palm 800w, with WM 6.1 and Outlook 2003 on XP home.

In Activesync on the PC, the Sent Items folder is checked for syncing. I
can't see a similar thing on the Palm; in "Manage Folders", "folder options"
is greyed out for all of the folders.

I found a similar problem solved for folders in the Inbox but that approach
doesn't seem to work here.

Thanks for any suggestions.

MedRxMan replied on 13-Nov-08 11:20 AM
check here:
jss replied on 16-Nov-08 03:27 PM
Well, that link is for Vista; from the looks of it, I am glad I am still on
jss replied on 18-Nov-08 01:16 PM
The word from Sprint is that activesync will only sync sent / replied mail
with an Exchange Server. What a lame piece of junk!
Todd Allcock replied on 18-Nov-08 05:54 PM
Perhaps, but frankly synching your device with your desktop's Outlook inbox
is kind of a quaint holdover from the days when PDAs had no built-in
connectivity (no WiFi, BT, cellular, etc.)  You synched in the morning to
get your emails on the device, composed replies offline, and then resynched
later to send those replies through your desktop and download newer email to
the device.  Activesync (in the "sync-email-with-desktop-Outlook" mode) has
no way to send your email from the device- you have to resync so it can be
sent from the Outbox on your desktop.

In today's connected world, Activesync's email sync is generally used to
sync with an Exchange server for up-to-date email rather than the desktop.

If you want to sync your entire folder hierarchy: inbox, sent items,
subfolders, etc., you could use IMAP (or POP, but IMAP is far better suited
to sharing an email account between multiple devices) and setup the same
account on the device, rather than sync with Outlook on the PC, giving you
the option to retrieve fresh email on the go, as well as send email directly
from the device.
jss replied on 19-Nov-08 12:59 PM
I still think it's junk, for this and many other reasons. I get my email
just fine with phone, pulling it off my mail server. I can send just fine
also; I'm not trying to sync the outbox. I'd just like to update Outlook at
the end of the day so that my emails are all stored in one place.

Someone else reported using bcc to get mail onto their main Outlook
computer. I guess that's the route to take, but it's stupid.