Windows 7 - ASUS MyPAL A620 don't start

Asked By paolopulli on 09-Jul-07 12:47 PM
my old  ASUS MyPAL A620 don't start.
I'd like to understand if the device is broken.

Switch on MyPal and I see a young man with your asus, then show me a
screen "Windows Mobile. Touch screen to set pocket pc". I do this and
start setting screen (touch 4 points on screen) and time. A brief
tutorial (cut and past agenda), too. But after this MyPal stop and
waiting an another touch ("To start touch screen").

If I push reset button I can see another time above young man and
after  WinLogo with "Start" left/right arrow, sound icon, time and
blank screen.
The screen go in sleep mode, if i wait enough time and resume as soon
as i touch screen.

Is MyPal broken? It's possible to repair? How or where can i find any

Thants to everyone


AG replied on 09-Jul-07 02:17 PM
I gues your 620 isn't broken, but quite confused. A "soft" reset like you
describe above might not be enough. Did you try a "hard" reset? This will
remove any program you earlier installed, but will normally return your pda
to the state it was in when bought.
See the manual or google around to find the right way to do the "hard"
reset. Because I have a 636, the procedure could be different then on your

Good luck,
paolopulli replied on 12-Jul-07 03:33 PM
AG Thank for your replay.
I don't know 'hard reset', but press left (of main button) and reset
button I
poketPC OS FlashROM Udate:
aug 26 2003 15.27.22
CPU Version : PXA255 a0

Instead if I press rigth and reset button I go in 'test mode' (no
There are some fault test:
IR test
Voltage test  (MAINBAT = 0,390V; AUXBAT=0,000V)
Touch screen test (I able to touch in corner but not in the center)
Keyboard test (only power button doesn't work)

Where is the problem?
It's hardware trouble?
Any advice?

Thanks everybody