Windows 7 - Joranda 720 Active sync help??

Asked By Doc on 09-Jul-07 02:27 PM
I have a Jornada 720, and cannot seem to get it to sync with my
desktop. Desktop is using XP and Active Sync 3.8

I really need some help with this before I trash it!!

Ron C.

Jason M. Donahue replied on 09-Jul-07 03:21 PM
Not owning a Jornada 720 myself (I've either got older HPCs, or newer Pocket
PCs), the best suggestion I could make would be to either ask on the
newsgroup microsoft.public.handheldpc or on the website , both of which are aimed at users of handheld PCs
like the Jornada 720.

Taking a quick look at HP's site on the Jornada 720, though, I found the
quick start guide.  Are you using the serial cable direct to the 720, or the
optional USB cable & cradle, to connect your Jornada.  Without more of a
description of the problem, the only things I could recommend would be to
double-check the connection settings.  On the Jornada, go to Start >
Settings > Control Panel > Communications, click on the PC Connection tab,
and make sure it's set to use whichever cable you're using.  On your
desktop, go to Activesync, and double-check that it's trying to communicate
the same way.

Jason M. Donahue
Network Administrator
Dietz, Gilmor & Associates
Dr. Woodard replied on 09-Jul-07 03:52 PM
One problem is Micrsoft stopped supporting the Handheld platform
(Hp 680 690 710 720) a number of years ago.  I finally sold my Hp 680
since it got to be too much of a hassle to get it running and
keep running.   If I remember correctly the handheld platform
will throw up on Outlook after 97, that versions of activeync that
work on the handhelds (680 690 710 720) won't work well with XP.
Beverly Howard [Ms-MVP/MobileDev] replied on 09-Jul-07 07:05 PM
Your best source is probably going to be Chris' site

Off the top, the following suggestions...

Can't remember the oldest version to run with xp, but determine that
and, if you can locate it, start there.

If it's a usb connection??? find wceusbsh.inf (I _think_) from your
original cd or earlier version of async, rightclick it and select "install"

there are some "get connected" tips at and, if nothing else, _very_
detailed reports on what those steps reveal posted back here may help
determine what's going on.

Beverly Howard [MS MVP-Mobile Devices]
Juan I. Cahis replied on 09-Jul-07 09:56 PM
I have one, and it works perfectly for me with the same configuration.

Juan I. Cahis
Santiago de Chile (South America)
Note: Please forgive me for my bad English, I am trying to improve it!
Paris Geller replied on 10-Jul-07 11:39 AM
Don't bother.   That group has been worse than useless for
mny years now.  The handheld users have abandoned the platform
for years now.   Been there, done that.
Juan I. Cahis replied on 10-Jul-07 12:26 PM
Dear friends, I forgot to add that I connect the Jornada to my
notebook, in order to sync them, through the USB interface of the
Jornada's cradle. No problem at all.

I understand that some people said in this group, that they had sync
problems when connecting the Jornada through the serial port, but the
USB port works very well for me.

Juan I. Cahis
Santiago de Chile (South America)
Note: Please forgive me for my bad English, I am trying to improve it!
PocketDOS replied on 10-Jul-07 01:34 PM
On Jornada:
Select Communications
Select DeviceName
Set Device name
Select PC Connection
Enable "Allow connection..."
Press Change
Set the connection to desktop:
`Infrared Port
`SerialPort @ 115K
`USB Connection

On desktop:
Select File->Connection Settings menu item
Enable USB connection
Enable connections to one of the following:
COMx: (eg. COM1 if your device is connected to COM1)
Infrared port (IR)

On Jornada:
Start->Programs->Communication->PC Link
Todd Allcock replied on 09-Jul-07 02:49 PM
You might try the microsoft.public.handheldpc newsgroup as well- I've
added it to this discussion.  The 720 is an HPC rather than a PPC.

We probably need a little more info: are you trying to sync via USB,
serial, or infrared?  What information are you trying to sync?  Outlook?
(Calendar, Contacts, etc.) Files?

And most importantly, what happens?  Does the PC acknowledge that
anything has been plugged in?  Does the sync icon just spin forever?
Does it try to sync then fail with an error message?

I'm not trying to be difficult- it's just that "doesn't sync" just isn't
specific enough to help you.  It's like telling your mechanic your car is

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Jason M. Donahue replied on 13-Jul-07 03:59 AM
You might have: others have not.  As I mentioned, MCPs do occasionally post
in microsoft.public.handheldpc, though, you'll note, I also mentioned, which is an active community site.

Jason M. Donahue
Network Administrator
Dietz, Gilmor & Associates
Paris Geller replied on 13-Jul-07 11:37 AM
On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 00:59:28 -0700, "Jason M. Donahue"
Let me put this way: i've seen a huge number of questions posted
about the various handheld devices on that usenet newsgroup
and by far most of  them went unanswered.

A good strong user community can keep an orphan computer alive
for a lot of years.   A number of orphan computers have a very
user community.   The handheld pc is not one of them.   The users
fled the scene years ago.

If I had known that I never would have gotten my hp680.  Unfortunetly
I found that out after I bought it.
Todd Allcock replied on 13-Jul-07 07:55 PM
I've seen more questions on that group "accidentally" placed there by PPC

Suggesting that others do the same isn't helping things, now is it? has a more robust user community, true, but guys like
Clinton Fitch still hangout on the handheld usenet group.

No offense, but being part of the community is more than whining that no
one else is there to hold your hand.  Have you been to hpcfactor?
Drivers for vitually every piece of compatible hardware is there-
run on HPCs, as well as some "pre-hacked" versions, like Acrobat Reader.
It's a good group of dedicated users helping others- don't dismiss their
good work because the microsoft.public.handheldpc usenet group is low on

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Paris Geller replied on 14-Jul-07 09:41 AM
On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 17:55:39 -0600, Todd Allcock

If handheld users want to resurect the platform or attempt to keep
it alive then put your money where you mouth is......
go over to the handheld newsgroup and answer the questions
that people vainly put up there and get no response on.
I've been there and done that, and if I had known
how the users abandoned the handheld platform
I never would have bought my HP680.

By comparison the Hp200lx has been out of production
longer, but they still have a very active user base.

200lx users are readily willing to answer questions of
users, something 680 users are unwiling to do.

I found that out the hard way.
Rick replied on 03-Aug-07 12:26 AM
I have similar problem. Trying to sycn MS Word docs (all text and not huge )
from a Windows XP Home Edition PC to a Jornada 720 using ActiveSync 4.5 By
the way, it took me several days just to get connected. I tried earlier
versions of AS and had varyung degrees of luck. This is very important
program but not very compatible, at least with Jornada...

4.5 is connecting great but taking very long (+5 mins) to sync. Then when I
open doc in Jornada it prompts me "Pocket Word does not recognize thius type
of file. Would you like to open the file as a text file?" I thought AS was
supposed to convert it. I looked  in the Options/Rules/Conversion Settings,
but I don't even see an icon for the MS Word doc that ends with .doc, and
which has been my standard.
Chris Tilley - HPC:Factor replied on 03-Aug-07 01:13 PM
If you do not have the .doc / .pwd converter run a repair install on office
and reinstall AS if it doesn't appear.

It is suggested that you use 3.8 rather than 4.5 for compatibility.

Chris Tilley

HPC:Factor -
Rick replied on 04-Aug-07 07:14 AM
Thanks for responding Chris. I will try the repair. AS 4.5 is connecting and
syncing great (other than the conversion issue) , so after all the time I
spent  tryng different editions, Ill be hesitant to go to 3.8 if the repair