Windows 7 - 2577 autorun doesn't work

Asked By blackbat on 16-Mar-08 05:53 PM
Hi all,
I've seen this problem alluded to elsewhere but I'm still confused.

I'm trying to install tomtom on an IPAQ3850.
Pocket PC 3
ARM SA1110 processor.

I have an SD card with the tomtom software, with 2577 folder which
holds autorun.exe, autorun.exe-run, and files.

When I insert the SD card I believe it should execute the autorun file
but nothing happens.

I have tried executing the ttn2003 cab file, which extracts, seems to
install but fails when I try to run via the tomtom icon.

Can someone explain the 2577 folder in simple terms?
ISTR the autorun file is taken out of the 2577 folder and copied into
the windows folder?
I believe autorun can be disabled in the registry. How do I turn it
on? I know my way round a real PC's registry but I didn't even know
PDAs had registries :-(
Should I be able to execute the autorun.exe in the 2577 folder and it
will install in the same way a CD works on a grown-up PC?


blackbat /\x/\

Werner \Menneisyys\ Ruotsalainen [MVP - Windows - Mobile Devices] replied on 17-Mar-08 04:51 AM
I, now, don't have a time to do some research on this; you might want to
repost your q to . In
there, you'll surely get an answer.


Werner "Menneisyys" Ruotsalainen - Microsoft MVP - Windows - Mobile Devices
Please see the Pocket PC Mag Expert Blog (including mine) at - you will definitely like it.
blackbat replied on 17-Mar-08 06:25 PM
Ruotsalainen [MVP - Windows - Mobile Devices]" <!ei.maileja@kiitos!>

thanks for the pointer

blackbat /\x/\