Windows 7 - Security Alert Popup Office 2007

Asked By Dave on 13-Sep-07 09:23 AM
PowerPoint 2007 all latest updates installed running on XP sp2 also up
to date.

Ok I've run out of ideas, so please help me.

When you receive a presentation and load it the message bar informs you
that "Security Warning References to external pictures have been
blocked" and when you try to show the presentation you get the Security
Alert "This document references pictues in untrusted locations."

If you cancel the show starts and still runs fine.

I know you can disable the message bar warning but how to you stop the
security alert when you try to start the show?

I do not have the luxury of checking the presentations before they have
to be shown and it ruins the show having this alert pop up on the odd
presentation. The reason they can't be checked is that we pre make a
deck with object linked filenames for a whole show and while the show is
running the "dummy" files are over written with the real ones live via
the network. It is SO unprofessional when that pop up appears.

There has to be a way to disable the warning.


WayneI replied on 13-Sep-07 10:08 AM
Tools - Macro - Security - Set level at what you want


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Steve Rindsberg replied on 16-Sep-07 08:41 AM
Have a look here:

Security warning message when clicking hyperlink in PowerPoint 2003: "files might harm your computer"

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP
Dave replied on 13-Sep-07 11:22 AM
That's fine with PowerPoint 2003 and back, but this is PowerPoint 2007
and the ribbon does not have tools - macro etc.

Dave replied on 13-Sep-07 12:00 PM
Thanks Steve,

But it happens without clicking anything. The message bar contains the
warning as I said, but I can turn that message off from the "trust
centre" but it still invokes the security alert when you go to show

I don't see why I should hack the registry (even with Microsoft) consent
and even if it will cure the pop up, when there should be a way of
disabling it. All previous versions you can get rid of messages so why
not now. I bet it's the road to DRM their trying to enforce.

The trouble is (as I'm sure you're aware) when running a show all day
long and processing speakers every 15 mins you don't want this alert
appearing on the screen just because the "creator" of the presentation
doesn't know what they're doing.

Oh and by the way, it is absolute taboo to have the desktop appear on
the projected image. So it annoys me that Microsoft think it's clever to
warn you at the start of a presentation with a huge security alert that
you have to cancel to get the presentation to run, and not supply an
option to turn it off. Not very professional is it.

Please prove me wrong we have another show next week and I just know
they are going to the same problem...

In message <>, Steve Rindsberg

Michael Koerner replied on 13-Sep-07 12:16 PM
In 2007, click on the Office button, PowerPoint Options, Trust Center, Trust
Center Settings, Macro Settings, and set your preference. I'm not sure, but
I think this is machine specific

Michael Koerner
MS MVP - PowerPoint
DougKlippert replied on 13-Sep-07 12:18 PM
Add the Developer tab. Also look at this:
Steve Rindsberg replied on 16-Sep-07 08:41 AM
I agree.  You shouldn't have to.  But apparently the people in charge of these
things have the idea that it's ok to make the product unusable for its intended
purpose, as long as it's secure.  Maybe the logic extends to "If it's unusable,
nobody'll use it and there'll be no security issues at all!"  Who knows.

No, the same thing happens in 2003, at least for hyperlinks.
I don't see where it has any connection to DRM, unless your "dangerous" content
is DRM-protected material.

Not at all.  I've begged for five minutes alone in a soundproof room with the
guy responsible for this.  If they come through, I think we can make some big
bucks selling tickets to watch.  <g>

Do you know what exactly's triggering the warning?

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP
Steve Rindsberg replied on 16-Sep-07 08:41 AM
Office Button, PowerPoint Options, Popular section, checkmark "Developer tab on
ribbon" or words to that effect.

Then click Trust Center and have a look at the gazillions of settings under

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP
Dave replied on 14-Sep-07 03:58 AM
Ok thanks, but that only brings up the trust centre which is available
from the button anyway.

Still does not cue the problem

Dave replied on 14-Sep-07 04:21 AM
Not too sure, I examined every inserted image in the presentation, now
I've had time to investigate, and it appears two of the images have been
dragged from a  foreign picture editor so it came in as an "object" and
will look for the app to edit it, also some of the images, if you right
click on them, instead of the usual "change picture" you also get "edit
picture" which of course says "this is an imported picture, not a group,
do you want to convert etc."

So it seems that there are two instances, an imported image or an object
created by dragging from a picture editor application.

With the chance of answering my own post, on further investigation of
how to circumnavigate this "feature", if you put all the presentations
in a specific folder and add this folder to your "Trust Centre > Trusted
Locations" it seems to cure the pop up security alert.

Not really an answer, more a work-around, which makes a mockery of the
original purpose of the alert,

Really need a better solution as not all technicians fully understand
the reason behind your logic and this has only cropped up in 2007, the
macro security in previous version normally cured the warning without
the need to have a specific directory allocated for the purpose.

In message <>, Steve Rindsberg

Steve Rindsberg replied on 16-Sep-07 08:41 AM
If you rightclick and ungroup, that should convert the OLE object (that's what
this is) into a regular PPT picture and that should calm PPT down a good bit.

It does seem silly, but at least it gives us a chance to say to PPT "Hey, look.
It's MY presentation. It's MY computer.  It's up to ME to decide who and what
gets trusted and what doesn't."


Oh, and in case it's not apparent, the people answering questions here are, with
a few very rare exceptions, not MS employees.  We're all volunteers and regular
ol' PPT users.

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP
magnus51 replied on 15-Oct-07 05:42 AM
I have had the same problem like you.
I found a way to stop that warning. You have too add the folder that contain
your presentation file in Trusted Location. You found this setting under
Office Button – PowerPoint Option – Trust Center – Trust Center Settings –
Trusted Location- Add new location. You also have an opportunity checkbox for