Windows 7 - how can I get a word count in PowerPoint 2007?

Asked By Nick on 07-Nov-07 04:40 PM

I need to get a count of the words in a PowerPoint 2007 file, preferably on
a per slide basis.

The purpose is for billing for language translation, which is charged by the

Many thanks.


Steve Rindsberg replied on 11-Nov-07 05:21 PM
Do you need just the words that are on each slide as PPT text, or must you also
count words in graphs, diagrams and the like?

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP
Nick replied on 08-Nov-07 04:05 AM
Hi Steve

I need to count all the words in all objects, but your question prompts the
secondary question about sub-totals by category (e.g. words in text boxes,
graphics etc.).  I suspect that's a "nice to have" :-)

I have used the File, Properties in Explorer to provide a count, but I don't
know how accurate this is?

I note from similar questions about earlier versions of PPT that the slide
master and header/footer detail needs to be accounted for - are these counted
once from the master, or are they counted individually for each slide?

I also note that a similar question came up before for the same reason.
Maybe Microsoft could add a feature to the Office applications to cater for
the translation community out there.

Many thanks.

Steve Rindsberg replied on 11-Nov-07 05:22 PM
Not enough to do what you ask.  It counts words in text boxes, notes pages and
such but not in inserted objects like charts/graphs/pictures.

They're not counted at all, actually.

It's worth posting it here as a suggestion, but realistically, I doubt it'll
happen given the small number of users to whom this would be important, relative
to the number of people who use PowerPoint.  That's in no way meant to dismiss
the idea.  It's a good one.

MS does provide VBA, a programming language, built into PPT and the other Office
programs.  With it, it would be possible to do most if not all of what you're
after.  Some of the regulars here do this sort of thing as a sideline or for a
living.  If you can hire the work out, give a shout and I'm sure you'll get some

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP
PPTMagicia replied on 08-Nov-07 12:36 PM
Bill Dilworth has an add-in called Word Count Plus:
Glenna Shaw
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP Team
Nick replied on 10-Nov-07 05:31 AM
Thanks, Steve - much appreciated

Nick replied on 10-Nov-07 05:33 AM
Thanks, Glenna - I have installed this and it helps.

And thanks also to Bill for his web site with its useful stuff on PPT!

Sam Sam replied on 02-Mar-09 08:21 AM
Microsoft PowerPoint can count the number of words that are in a presentation and report how many slides, paragraphs, bytes, notes, hidden slides, and multimedia clips are in the presentation.

To view the number of words that are in your PowerPoint presentation, do the following:

On the File menu, click Properties, dropdown Document properties-> Advanced properties-> Statistics
Pri replied on 07-Jun-09 04:10 PM
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Leda Hardesty replied to Nick on 21-Jul-12 09:02 AM
I have twwo separate powepoint documents that need the words in each to be counted. Please explain how I can do that. Thanks!
Leda Hardesty replied to Nick on 21-Jul-12 09:04 AM
How to count words in Power Point 2007?