Windows 7 - diagrams in word to ppt

Asked By Do on 07-Mar-08 08:53 PM
Hi guys
I have worksheets with circles & lines done on Word '07. I am trying to make
a ppt presentation- and cannot figure out how to transfer these documents
with the diagrams over. Please help!
many thanks- Don

Sand replied on 07-Mar-08 09:20 PM
Group the elements of your diagram, then copy and paste it into Word.
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Sandy Johnson
Microsoft Certified Office Specialist (MOS PowerPoint)
Do replied on 07-Mar-08 10:06 PM
they are all individually grouped.
Do you mean to group the entire page in one large group?
Do replied on 07-Mar-08 10:12 PM
Hi Sandy
I went back and grouped the whole page of diagrams (circles with lines inside)
all that will load onto the power point slide is the text title.
I am going to "new slide" then "slides from outline"  NO LUCK!
Luc replied on 08-Mar-08 05:47 AM
Slides from outline won't work that only brings in the text formatted as
headings (Heading1, Heading2 and so on. I guess your text title is the only
thing within your diagram that is formatted that way.
If you want that diagram (drawing) in PPT, you will have to select all the
different elements and group them using the drawing toolbar in Word. Click
on the drawing button, choose group on the top of the menu. But from your
reply I guess you have already done that. Once everything is grouped, copy,
go to PPT and paste it in. That's pretty much it. Once it is in PPT you can
still format it, if you want.


Luc Sanders
MVP - PowerPoint
Do replied on 08-Mar-08 08:18 AM
Hi Luc
Okay- the diagrams all transfered over-- now I have lost the little text
beside each diagram! Is there a way that both text and the diagrams will go
over to the slide???
Thanks for your trouble!
Luc replied on 08-Mar-08 08:45 AM
Pretty much the same way depending on how you put in the text. If you just
typed it as regular text then I'm afraid you are out of luck. If you put it
in textboxes (again using the drawing toolbar) then you will be able to
group the textboxes and the diagrams and transfer them to PowerPoint. If the
titles are regular text you could select the text and click on the textbox
icon in the drawing toolbar which will put it in a textbox. Select the
others titles and press F4. Finally select all the textboxes and copy paste
them in one go to PPT. I know, rather elaborate, it depends whether it is
worth the effort or not. You could also select all your titles in Word using
the ctrl+drag method then copy paste it to PPT, this will give you one
textbox with all the text in it, then it is a question of select and drag
from the textbox to the underlying slide.

Somehow I gather this will not bring you much confort but maybe someone else
will have better ideas.


Luc Sanders
MVP - PowerPoint
Do replied on 08-Mar-08 09:11 AM
Okay- thanks Luc- I will keep playing with it here.
You have helped a great deal!