Windows 7 - How do I apply a new notes layout to all slides?

Asked By Pa on 02-Apr-08 05:43 PM
I am revising a large PPT 2007 presentation.  I am sing notes pages, and I
have changed the notes master.  How do I apply this change to all the slides
in the presentation without having to do it slide by slide?

Lucy Thomson replied on 02-Apr-08 06:22 PM
Hi Pat

Go to View -> Notes Master (not Notes Page - it's on the right hand side of
the Presentation Views group) and make the changes there - the whole
presentation should update.


Lucy Thomson
PowerPoint MVP
MOS Master Instructor
Pa replied on 02-Apr-08 06:54 PM
Hi Lucy,

Thanks, but I did make the change on the notes master.  It does not change
the notes pages, and then I need to right click on each page, go to notes
layout, and click on reapply mater.  There must be an easier way!
Lucy Thomson replied on 02-Apr-08 07:20 PM
Hi Pat

Hmmm. I see that behaviour here if I have already manipulated a notes page -
that is notes pages I have left alone update with the master but ones I have
tinkered with don't.

I've had a good old hunt about and I can't find an 'update all' option
anywhere. Also, creating a new ppt(x) and re-using the slides doesn't work.

One of the VBA experts may have an answer for you....

Aha! I found this on the FAQ:
Reapply the Notes Master to each Notes Page in a presentation

If you aren't sure how to use VBA, there is a link at the end of the
article. I'm not sure it will work in 2007 but it's worth a try (on a copy
of your presentation just in case).


Lucy Thomson
PowerPoint MVP
MOS Master Instructor
Pa replied on 02-Apr-08 08:15 PM
Sounds a bit scary.  I have bever used VBA.  I will give it a try in the
morning (i am on the other side of the world)

How is life in Oz?  I lived in Sydney for 3 years and LOVED it.
Lucy Thomson replied on 02-Apr-08 11:10 PM
It's not that scary - honestly. And if you have any problems post the code
here and one of the VBA-ers will give you a hand I'm sure :-)

Oz is good thanks - certainly beats the weather in the UK (where I'm from).


Lucy Thomson
PowerPoint MVP
MOS Master Instructor
Daw replied on 08-May-08 10:47 AM
I have had the same problem, except that when I reapply master, my slide
placeholder is deleted, and the changes I made in the master (to the footer)
do not actually get updated in the notes page.

So I am stuck updating them all by hand. I would welcome a suggestion on how
to fix this.

I am working with ppt files in compatibility mode (because I need to use the
ppts with web presentation applications that do not yet support office 2007
file types).