Windows 7 - how do I fill objects with a pattern in Office 2007?

Asked By t on 10-Apr-08 05:32 PM
I do not see an option to fill objects with a striped, checkered, or stiplled
pattern in powerpoint or excel for Office2007.  This is annoying, especially
when preparing charts and figures for publication in a journal that either
does not allow or charges exorbitant fees for publishing color images.  Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Bill Dilworth replied on 10-Apr-08 09:11 PM
Pattern fill was removed in 2007.  You can replace this function by creating
a small picture of the pattern you want and then tiling the shape with these
pattern pictures.

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john AT DOT uk replied on 11-Apr-08 04:24 AM
Couple of ideas then:

Create the shape / fill in Word and copy paste to PowerPoint.

Create a pattern filled rectangle with no outline as above in Word and copy.
In PowerPoint use a texture fill. Go to More textures and choose "Picture /
Texture Fill" click "Clipboard" and tick "Tile picture as Texture"

You can force 2007 to use the old msgraph if you need pattern fills (Excel
is much better though) with a registry hack

Create a DWord "MSGraphEnable" and set it to "1" for MSGraph and "0" for
Excel graphs
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Steve Rindsberg replied on 12-Apr-08 05:11 PM
In addition to the other suggestions, there's this:

No more Pattern Fills in PowerPoint 2007

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP
Markus Schwarz replied on 05-Jan-09 02:28 AM
Hi Folks,

recently I developed a small add-in for MS Powerpoint 2007 which enables you very easily to fill your drawn forms with pattern styles.

Currently the tool is still in Beta, as not many people have tested it.

Feel free to download the tool from my website and let me know your opinion:

Thx a lot and kind regards

Markus Schwarz replied on 29-Jun-09 02:04 AM
you also might consider to install Pattern4Powerpoint which adds pattern fills to 2007 again.

The small add-in can be downloaded from