Windows 7 - How do I add more than one song?

Asked By Jessi on 14-Apr-08 06:36 AM
I'm working on a power point presentation and it's really important, my boss
wants me to add up to five tracks and have them keep repeating with the
presentation, is that possible, and if so, how?

Thx for the help! :D

Jean-Pierre Forestier [MVP[ replied on 14-Apr-08 06:45 AM
Do you mean 5 tracks on a single slide or on different slides?
TAJ Simmons replied on 14-Apr-08 07:22 AM

Your best bet is to convert the audio tracks to one big file.

Then get powerpoint to play (and repeat) the one big track.

As trying to get the timing correct in relation to the individual slides is
next to impossible.

Something like audacity from

should help convert and join the tracks

Then see
Play sounds across multiple slides (A WAV runs through it)

TAJ Simmons
Microsoft Powerpoint MVP
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Jessi replied on 14-Apr-08 07:34 AM
How do I convert the files to one big one? And thx for the help :D
Jessi replied on 14-Apr-08 07:36 AM
On all slides, they are just three simple slides with all the information
about our firm, and they should just keep repeating
vindy replied on 14-Apr-08 07:42 AM

Taj has suggested you to go to and install
the software for combining the music files together
Jean-Pierre Forestier [MVP[ replied on 14-Apr-08 07:46 AM
You can simply use AUDACITY (free) and quite easy to use.