Windows 7 - How do you lighten a background PICTURE in PP?

Asked By Ki on 28-May-08 09:58 AM
I have inserted a picture as a background for a PP presentation but can't
figure out how to lighten that picture.  It's too dark.  I thought using the
gradient, but that doesn't work.  Can someone help?

T Lavedas replied on 31-May-08 01:48 AM
I'm pretty certain it needs to be touched up before it is selected as
the background picture.  A way around this is to not insert it as a
background, but to apply it to the Master slide, sized to at least
fill the slide and sent to the back (ordered behind all of the other
objects on the slide).  Then it's attributes are adjustable by
accessing the Master, selecting the picture and using the standard
Image tools.


Tom Lavedas
EllenFinkelstei replied on 28-May-08 03:55 PM
I agree with Tom, but just in case you're using PowerPoint 2007, right-click
the background and choose Format Background. In the Format Background dialog
box, click the Picture category. There you can increase the brightness.

And, in case you're not aware of the standard image tools, when you insert
the image on the master (as opposed to making it the background), select the
picture, which displays the Picture toolbar. Then use the More Brightness
button repeatedly until you get the results you want.

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