Windows 7 - Reporting the progress on tasks

Asked By Andrzej Jaworek on 18-Dec-07 07:16 AM
When I create an enterprise project (this is the project that is edited
in Project 2007) I can decide which method I will use to allow users to
report the progress on tasks. But for operations work project (that
project is fully edited via PWA) there is only one method assigned:
percent of work complete. Why? This is a bug? Can I change this method
for operations work projects to of work done per day or week?


Matte replied on 18-Dec-07 11:53 AM
Sure you can decide between three methods, they are available for selection
into the PWA server settings, task settings and display, tracking method
-percent of work complete
-actual work done and work remaining
-hours of work done per period

I think that you have the first one enabled.

Hope this helps

Dale Howard [MVP] replied on 18-Dec-07 05:34 PM
Andy --

It sounds like you are using Activity plans.  If this is the case, I believe
the only method of tracking for an Activity plan is is % Work Complete, and
you cannot change it to any other method.  It is not a bug.  It is by
design.  Hope this helps.

Dale A. Howard [MVP]
VP of Educational Services
Andrzej Jaworek replied on 19-Dec-07 02:16 AM
Dale Howard [MVP] pisze:

Yes, exactly.

If this is the case, I believe

Pity :(
Matte replied on 19-Dec-07 03:24 AM
sorrrry, I misunderstand.
ggeorgo replied on 09-Jan-08 08:48 AM
Our environment (PS2007) is currently set to the default Percentage of Work
Complete option.  Is there any risk that we will lose any hours reported for
this fiscal year already with making a change in this area to one of the
other two options?