Windows 7 - Bcws $0.00?

Asked By anilksk on 08-Apr-07 05:46 PM

Can some one please help me with BCWS? Why is BCWS $0.00? the same is
true for BCWP, ACWP I have setup the resources and cost/baseline, EAC
and BAC look good.

Why is BCWS $0.00?


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Gérard Ducouret replied on 09-Apr-07 04:14 AM
Hello Anilksk,

Did you set the Status Date : Project / Project information ?

Gérard Ducouret
anilksk replied on 09-Apr-07 08:34 AM
Thanks Gérard! that fixed BCWS.

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JimAkse replied on 09-Apr-07 11:46 AM
To add to Gerard's post: BCWP and ACWP will remain at $0.00 until you claim a
percent complete.  If you have Actuals set to manual, you will need to enter
them manually.

BCWP and ACWP will only post in the Baseline period unless you enter an
[Actual Start] and/or [Actual Finish] date.  Project assumes [Actual
Start/Finish] = [Start/Finish] unless you tell it otherwise in the [Actual
Start/Finish] columns.
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