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Asked By Charli on 28-Feb-08 12:55 PM
I have a question about using the Enterprise Project Management Solution in
our environment.  A&E firm with 500 team members.  We average about 2000
project a year.  All project reporting to upper management and the client is
done via Earned Value charts and graphs so we need period reporting for all

We’re looking at using Enterprise Project Management Solution for the
additional Project Portfolio Server and Project Web Access modules.  Project
Portfolio Server for the total firm project status reporting capabilities.
And Project Web Access for time (LABOR) and expense (NON-LABOR) entry by time
period on tasks.  In our case daily.

QUESTION:  How do we baseline our Microsoft Project expenses (NON-LABOR) by
time period on tasks - in our case daily?  Our NON-LABOR expenses consist of
company credit card charges (airfare, lodging, taxi, rental car, gas and
parking), other credit card charges (less than $2,500 that don’t go through
procurement), subcontractor charges (that go through procurement), and travel
voucher charges (daily per diem, etc.).

QUESTION:  How do we get our NON-LABOR expenses to be entered by each of our
team members through Project Web Access?  I see how we enter LABOR, but not
expenses through the interface.

Thank you,
- Charlie

Mike Glen replied on 28-Feb-08 04:39 PM
Hi Charlie,

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Mike Glen
Project MVP