Windows 7 - linked project missing part of file name

Asked By Tacoma P on 11-Mar-08 12:28 PM
When linking subprojects into the master project, the first letters which
identfy the district where the project is located is being dropped from the
name of the subproject.  How do I correct this?

JulieS replied on 11-Mar-08 12:39 PM
Hi Tacoma PM,

Can you give us a bit more information -- the letters are being dropped
from the name of the subproject where?  The file name?  The inserted
project summary task?  Predecessors?  Successors?

TacomaP replied on 11-Mar-08 01:03 PM
The file name is XX - XXXX.mpp.  The first 2 letters of the file is dropped
from the name of the project when it is inserted into the master project. So
it is displayed as XXXX rather than XX - XXXX.  Thanks for your assistance.
I know it is probably an end user error!!
Jack Dahlgren replied on 11-Mar-08 01:11 PM
Might be an issue with special characters. I'd avoid use of ANY special
characters in Project names.

JulieS replied on 11-Mar-08 01:21 PM
Hello Tacoma,

Don't be too quick to take credit for odd things in Project -- it is
entirely possible it's not you :-)

If you open the XX-XXXX.mpp file and show the project summary task
(Tools>Options, View tab) does it show the full file name in line zero?
I recall there were some oddities about the Project summary task name
not reflecting the file name if there was a change to the file name.  My
*guess* is that your are using a file (named XXXX.mpp) and doing a Save
As and renaming the file (XX-XXXX.mpp).

Does changing the summary task name (line zero) then saving help?

I hope this helps.  Let us know how you get along.

Project MVP

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JulieS replied on 11-Mar-08 01:22 PM
Ah, good catch Jack.
TacomaP replied on 11-Mar-08 04:51 PM
Hi, Julie and Jack.  Thank you for your input.  I had noticed a misspelling
in a document name and corrected it through rename in properties on My
Documents.  When I opened the master file again, that correction was not
carried forward.  I believe MS Project is utilizing the original name of the
file and if it is corrected prior or after linking, the file name reverts to
the original "incorrect" name.  I checked in MS Project in Properties under
File and saw that it was still referencing the old name of the file even
though it was displaying with the correct name.  That is confusing at least,
when I try to explain it.

I was able to reconstruct, easily at this point, the projects with the
correct name and rebuilt the master project and everything is working.  MS
Project does seem to have a few quirks, but once aware of them it is easy to
plan around them.

Again, thank you for your assistance and it did ultimately come back to end
user error.  If I had been more careful when I initially named the files, I
wouldn't have had to rename them.

Tacoma PM
JulieS replied on 11-Mar-08 05:09 PM
Hello Tacoma,

I am glad you found the source of the problem -- renaming through the OS
does not change the summary task information.  Thanks for the update and