Windows 7 - How do I put multiple resources on one task with different start d

Asked By WestSeattleMik on 31-May-08 07:15 PM
Hi All,

I'm trying to have 3 resources work on 1 task, but start on different dates
due to another task they are working on. See the sample below and please help.

Task 1, taking 5 days, being worked on by resource A.
Task 2, taking 9 days, being worked on by resource B.
Task 3, taking 2 days, being worked on by resource C.

Resource A, B and C all start at the same time, so clearly C will finish
first, then A, then B.

Task 4 takes 45 days and I want each resource (C, A & B) to jump onto task 4
as soon as they finish their previous task and I want project to calculate
how long it will take if resource C starts after his 2 days of work, resource
A starts after his 5 days of work and resource B starts after his 9 days of

How do I put multiple resources on one task with different start days?


JimAkse replied on 31-May-08 08:42 PM
What you are talking about is called manual resource contouring.  Here is one
way to do it.  First, assign all the resources to the task just like you
normally would.  Project will peanut butter these resources at 100% (8 hours
per day) for the entire task duration.

Click on View/Task Usage...

A new view opens showing the task with all the assigned resources indented
below it on the left side.  On the right side is something that looks like a
spread sheet with time running along the top.  You can manually adjust the
work hours of resources by just typing over what is there (change the first
few days to 0 hrs for some resources, etc.).  If the time scale is not to
your liking, right click on it at the very top and change it to something
more suitable.
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