Windows 7 - Sharepoint Machinekey

Asked By checksa on 09-Apr-08 05:29 PM
Dear all,

Is there a way to stop generation of random machinekey for each web
application created in Sharepoint? I would like the same static machinekey
for all my sharepoint web applications. The reason why I need this is because
I would like to pass a formsauthentication ticket to my sharepoint site and
the sharepoint site is unable to decrypt due to the machinekey difference.

Here is what I have already tried:
- I have added my static key to the machine.config, machine.config.comments
and machine.config.default. I have reset IIS. Unsuccessful.
- I have added my static key to web.config.comments in the 12 hives folder.
I have reset IIS. Unsuccessful.
- I have commented out the autogenetated key and added my static key to the
web.config file of the sharepoint web application. Unsuccessful.

Please help. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

checksa replied on 10-Apr-08 12:28 PM
I guess what I am asking is wether its possible to have Sharepoint generate an
application with a specific machinekey?
JoshCarlisl replied on 12-Apr-08 03:49 PM

You're actually making it a little harder then it needs to be :). Simply
update the machinekey element in the web.config for the sites with all the
same machinekey. This means you don't have to mess with the machine key in
the machine.config (which usually requires a reboot). I'm not sure what the
official best practices are in this case but this has always worked for me
w/o problems in the same scenerio you're describing.


Josh Carlisle