Windows 7 - Impersonate::Forms Authentication & Active Directory

Asked By BobBreto on 08-May-07 01:03 PM

I am using SharePoint (MOSS 2007) and would like to authenticate against
Active Directory using Forms based authentication and have the Authenticated
user have all of the same Roles as a Windows based authenticated user.
I.E. I log in using Forms against LDAP (Done) but the User is not the same
as the Windows Based Active Directory account. SharePoint thinks each is a
different user.
The AD user displays  Domain\Username but the Forms user displays
How do I make SharePoint treat both Forms and Windows Logins as the same user?
This is required so I can use Forms based logins for people who exist in AD
and are tied to an Active Directory account on a Product called Dynamics
Enterprise Portal (Which only supports AD Authenticated users). If I use
Forms Authentication against an Active Directory account, My Dynamics
Enterprise Portal treats them as an unauthenticated user, unless I use
Windows Based or Basic authentication.
Is there a way to make them the same, like using Impersonation? And if so
how in a SharePoint scenario?

henr replied on 08-May-07 02:31 PM
I was trying to accomplish the same exact thing about 6 months ago but the
general community consensus seemed to be that this by design. Hopefully
somebody else knows different.

MULTISY replied on 12-May-07 01:13 PM
Try ISA 2006 and publish SharePoint Sites; this is way-cool since ISA using
Kerberos acts as a Single-Sign On (SSO) point of access.