Windows 7 - An error (1415) occurred during the action Open Object

Asked By JuneTheSecon on 24-May-07 04:27 AM
When you paste Excel worksheet with menu edit, paste special,
you can open the embeded worksheet with Excel application by the menu Edit,
Worksheet Object, Open.
But this operation fails in each two or three times, and  you recieve error
message like "An error (1415) occurred during the action Open Object."
In Visio2003 it fails ieach three times.
In Visio2007 each two times.
This can be soved, if you save the drawing as previous version, let say save
as Visio2002, and open again. It is documented in MSDN at .


JuneTheSecon replied on 24-May-07 07:07 AM
But this story is not finished.
When you save your Visio drawing as old version, and reopen, the error dose
not occur for some times. But the error appears again, when you repeat to
open worksheet object. And after this, The error happens freequently, if you
repeat to open the worksheet object. And now you can never stop this error,
even if you save again as older version.
JuneTheSecon replied on 27-May-07 08:06 AM
To avoid such an error in the case of VBA, you have only to put a msgbox at
the last of the code, like,
Sub OpenEandEditObject()

Dim shp As Visio.Shape
Set shp = ActivePage.Shapes(1)
ActiveWindow.Select shp, visSelect
SendKeys "%E", True
SendKeys "O", True
SendKeys "O", True

MsgBox "Pess OK Button."
End Sub