Windows 7 - VISIO - Pre MS Stencils

Asked By Dr. on 29-Jun-08 04:20 PM
I have some original pre-Microsoft Visio Stencils and shapes that I would
like to use in MS Visio 2002.  They are from the Windows 95 era -- shapes for
kids, and some other shapes.

Are these old shapes and stencils usable in Microsoft Visio 2002?

John... Visio MVP replied on 29-Jun-08 05:49 PM
You mean the dinosaurs and castles. Yes, you can open them in later versions
of Visio. For performance issues, you should open the stencils and then save
them back to a new stencil in the current format of the version of Visio you
have. I've loaded stencils going back to Visio 1 with no problems.

John.. .Visio MVP