Windows 7 - HTTPQUERYINFO did not get response message sent by doPOST servlet

Asked By Krishn on 30-Mar-07 12:22 PM
I am developing an Authorization system for which a c++ based client send
POST message to server and get back the response. The server is java Tomcat
based server. It send message in doPOST method and it is  a binary encrypted
After successful HTTPOPENREQUEST (with 'POST') and HTTPQUERYINFO did not get
the post message.

I believe  HTTPOPENREQUEST (with 'GET') may retrive message sent by doGET
(Tomcat server) method. I have not tested it.

Is it possible to retrive HTTPQUERYINFO (in 'POST') to get the message sent
doPOST in Tomcat server.

My company do not want client to send 'GET' request.

Please help me.

AlexCoh replied on 01-Apr-07 10:16 AM
Your question is not related to Win32 UI, never mind. I suppose you are
using WinInet functions. See the article They have a sample
there which uses InternetReadFile() to receive the response after sending an
HTTP request. You could use InternetQueryDataAvailable() to determine the
size of the response.