Windows 7 - GetUserDefaultLCID failed, restorting to system verion

Asked By SriramN on 21-Jan-09 11:51 AM
A file wbemcore.log in the WINDOWS\system32\wbem\Logs folder is constantly
updated with the subject message.
I was redirected to this forum through a web search.
What is this log, what error does this represent, and how do I fix it?
I am running Windows XP SP3

Krishn replied on 21-Jan-09 06:32 PM
I am getting the same messages as well.  And at the same time, the screen
blinks and there is a hourglass for a brief moment and winlogon.exe is being
called.   When I suspend winlogon.exe, the problem doesn't happen.  But
winlogon.exe has to be running.  So, I am frustrated at the moment, having
searched all over the net for a solution.
MRCS replied on 11-May-09 05:37 AM
You might find some help here: