Windows 7 - Driver for Agfa SnapScan e52

Asked By Bernd Leutenecker on 09-Jul-07 11:59 AM

From time to time a scanner can be handy - but
as I am using XP x64 and own an Agfa SnapScan e52-
Scanner I lack a driver to use my own scanner.
I know that Agfa has stopped any support for their
scanners. But maybe somebody found out another way
(anotherdriver) to use that scanner with XP x64!??

Thank you!

Bernd Leutenecker

Carlo replied on 09-Jul-07 12:38 PM
These guys make drivers and software for your "outdated" Agfa scanners.
Here's the proof that your scanner is supported.
There's a trial version available for download so you can try before you buy.
Best of luck.
Carlo replied on 09-Jul-07 06:44 PM
One last resource would be to install Windows XP 32-bit on VMWare server
(freeware) and install your 32-bit drivers there.
In case you don't have your 32-bit drivers at hand, go here:
Bernd Leutenecker replied on 12-Jul-07 10:28 AM

Thanks for the hyperlink! VueScan works with my
Scanner and XP x64.
Although as expensive as a cheap Win32-Scanner
I will (have to ...) buy it.


Bernd Leutenecker