Windows 7 - Driver mismanaging system pte

Asked By spock on 06-Aug-07 07:33 PM
Hello Everyone
Last night I installed X64 XP PRO service pack 2 after I rebooted
the machine I got the BSOD with the above warning and happened
again when it rebooted. The only thing I have changed  is my video
card it was a ATI powercolor X1600Pro but now is a Gigabyte 8600GT
silent pipe (no fan) with the latest drivers from nvidia

I went into safe mode and deleted the drivers etc for the video card at
least it
did not crash I then installed a previous version of the drivers which is ok
what does the above error mean?
I searched microsofts knowledge base and got zip, did service pack 2 mess up
my video drivers? any ideas folks?????
BTW anyone know the normal operating temperatures of this card?
Under XP Pro 32bit it runs very hot when playing a game, you can hardly
touch it.


Carlo replied on 06-Aug-07 07:56 PM
Did you try the latest 162.18's?
Here you have two forum reports about your card's temperature:
spock replied on 06-Aug-07 08:05 PM
Thats what I installed to begin with. but then went to 158.19 which works
Carlo replied on 06-Aug-07 08:50 PM
Here's the answer to your original question.
I quote:
virtual memory to physical memory. On the surface, this error messages
suggests that no more PTEs are available on the system. That can happen if
your system is performing a large number of input/output operations (more
likely on a server than a desktop). Alternative causes, however, can be a
faulty device driver that’s mismanaging memory or an application that’s
inappropriately allocating large amounts of kernel memory.
If the error message provides a file name, you should uninstall or disable
the program associated with that file. If the file is a device drivers, check
for an upgrade or try using an older version of the driver. A registry tweak
is available for Windows XP Professional, but if you’re using a desktop
system, there’s a good chance the error is being caused by faulty software
and not an actual lack of PTEs."