Windows 7 - Disabling Driver Signing Enforcement in Vista 64 bit

Asked By broccolibee on 08-Nov-07 12:02 AM
Hi, I am completely new to Vista 64 bit.  But I am in the process of
preparing to install Vista 64 bit onto my rig, so I am doing a lot of

Today, I have this question:

I read and heard that Vista 64 bit requires driver signing, so I wonder if
this will cause any problem for me to install some beta driver for my Nvidia
video card?  For instance, will I have any problem in installing the latest
beta driver, 169.04, for my nvidia vid card?  Do I have to disable the driver
signing feature?  If so, how to?

I googled, and I find this method:

But it is for that current boot session only.

I also found this method of disabling the driver signing feature:

Is this method permanent?

Which one is the right way to disable the driver signing feature?  Do you
recommend disabling driver signing?

Finally and very importantly, I will also have to use Rivatuner(2.06),
because I want to OC my vid card--EVGA 8800GTS 640MB.  Per Rivatuner's
ReadMe, for Rivatuner to work properly under Vista 64 bit, I have to disable
driver signing.  So I really need some pointers in telling me the right way
to properly disable driver signing so that I can run Rivatuner as well as
install Nvidia's beta drivers!

Many thanks in advance for your help and/or info!

Carlo replied on 08-Nov-07 05:22 AM
whether released or beta. There is no need to disable driver signing.
found in is permanent until you install one of the last
performance updates. That update will disable all known driver signing
workarounds, except for the one obtained by pressing F8 during boot. That one
will last until you reboot.
it myself.

broccolibee replied on 08-Nov-07 12:49 PM
Hey, Carlos, thanks for the reply!

You said, "# 2 - We do not enforce disabling driver signing in this NG."  By
had NO preconception that this NG forces people to disable driver signing!  :D

You also said, "# 3 - Rivatuner 2.06 has signed drivers and works fine in
Vista x64. I use it myself."

Are you sure????  I read both online as well as in RivaTuner's
Documentation, that driver signing in Vista 64 bit has to be disabled in
order for RivaTuner to work under Vista 64 bit!

Here is what is taken out of the "Known Issues" section in "RivaTuner
Documentation":  (RivaTuner 2.06 is currently installed on my Vista Ultimate
32 bit)

signing enforcement is enabled under Vista x64. You must disable driver
signing enforcement in order to use full RivaTuner's feature set under Vista
x64. "

Thanks very much for all the info!  As I've said, I am preparing for the
installation and use of Vista 64 bit so that I do NOT have any surprises when
I actually install and/or use it!
Carlo replied on 08-Nov-07 01:09 PM
Sorry for de "enforce" confusion.
It is just that my brain works in Spanish and my fingers type in English!
We do not endorse disabling driver signing.
It is really a bad idea and opens security holes.
Leave driver signing on.

Regarding Rivatuner v2.06 I am positively sure that it has signed drivers
and works properly on Vista x64.
I am happily (and slightly) overclocking my MSI8600GTSOC with it.
I could not do that with Rivatuner v2.03
As of Rivatuner v2.04 they have signed drivers for Vista 64.
A third party is providing them so, when you install Rivatuner, you are
asked to "install additional updates?".
Answer "Yes". They are already included in the package.
Rivatuner v2.04 had a bug that prevented that update being read from a
folder that had spaces in its name.
That was worked out in v2.05.
v2.06 works with the 163.69's.
I have still not updated to NVidia 163.75's because they are not worth the
Happy overclocking!

broccolibee replied on 08-Nov-07 06:28 PM
Thanks again for the clarification, Carlos!

Since you have so detailed your experience with RivaTuner, I believe what
you said! :D

Now I can rest assured that RivaTuner 2.06 will work under Vista 64 bit! :D

FYI, I will use the current beta version 169.04, not the WHQL one: 163.75.
I am hoping that the beta driver will give me better performance over the
WHQL one.

I am only cautiously OCing my vid card as well! :D  I am not an extreme
OCer!  The rationale for my OCing my vid card and CPU is to get the biggest
bang for the buck!

Currently, my EVGA 8800GTS 640MB is OCed to 656 Core/1519 Shader/1020
Memory.  It could go higher, but I have not bothered to test my vid card's

My CPU--C2D E6550--is OCed to 3.15Ghz(7x450).  I want to go higher, but I
could not.  Either my board--Asus P5K E WiFi--or the CPU itself is limiting
my OCing the proc further.  Or maybe a combination of both is limiting my
OCing the proc higher.

No biggie.  So far I am contented with what I have!  :D

Since I am completely new to 64 bit computing, will have more questions for
you and other experienced users in this forum!

Thanks once again for the replies and info!