Windows 7 - Promise Ultra 100 TX2

Asked By Promise Ultra 100 TX2 on 16-Dec-07 11:48 PM
Dear Microsoft, please add Windows Vista x64 and x32 drivers support for
Promise Ultra 100 TX2 IDE card.

Theo replied on 17-Dec-07 06:57 AM
Microsoft can add the drivers ONLY after Promise writes the
drivers and sends them to Microsoft.

If you need drivers, then talk to Promise!
Carlo replied on 17-Dec-07 07:16 AM
And Promise will not be able to "promise" anything.
Latest Windows drivers for this card are dated 2003.
Charlie Russel - MVP replied on 17-Dec-07 10:08 AM
I couldn't agree more. Promise is very unlikely to ever write a driver for
this card. Time to move off it, I think.

John Barnes replied on 17-Dec-07 10:29 PM
Past the time to leave IDE behind.
Charlie Russel - MVP replied on 18-Dec-07 12:44 AM
heavens now. I've got too many of the silly things lying around. ;) And
they're all getting stuffed into my Windows Home Server box. Going to need
to upgrade the power supply on that thing soon. ;)

Zootal replied on 19-Dec-07 10:18 PM
IDE is not going to go away for many years to come - there are too many
people out there with too many IDE drives. I still have a couple 160GB
drives that have never been taken out of the original packaging, not to
mention the 20 or so in my running boxes, and the 10-15 sitting on the
shelf, several of which are brand new. It's going to be a while before I
stop using IDE drives. I have a bunch of them, and they get the job done.

Actually, if the truth be known, I just 2 weeks ago bought my first sata
drive :-)

I also might mention that the Promise U100TX2 is a worthless piece of junk.
That particular controller has caused me way too much grief, and I'll never
use it in any of my boxes again - but that is a different story.....
Colin Barnhorst replied on 19-Dec-07 11:09 PM
I have a couple left that I use as utility drives in usb external enclosures
but I'm not about to ever use IDE for internal drives again.
Charlie Russel - MVP replied on 20-Dec-07 01:09 AM
Well, 3 of them are internal to the WHS box. and I've got others in my
thermaltake USB/eSata enclosures. But I agree with Zootal - that particular
promise board is no good. Actually, I'm quite off Promise entirely.

Tom Ferguson replied on 20-Dec-07 01:50 AM
Well, Promise do seem to have a driver but they do not list it on their site
in a way that tells you it what it actually is. It's listed as the driver
for the Promise Ultra133 TX2. However, an examination of the TEXTSETUP.OEM
file shows that it will install for other cards, including the Ultra 100
TX2. Heck, even the Ultra 33.

Ultra133TX2_amd64  = "Windows Vista X64 Promise ULTRA133 TX2 (tm)
Controller", Ultra
Ultra100TX2_amd64  = "Windows Vista X64 Promise ULTRA100 TX2 (tm)
Controller", Ultra
Ultra100_amd64     = "Windows Vista X64 Promise ULTRA100 (tm) Controller",
Ultra100_amd64_2   = "Windows Vista X64 Promise ULTRA100 (tm) Controller
(PDC20265)", Ultra
Ultra66_amd64      = "Windows Vista X64 Promise ULTRA66 (tm) Controller",
Ultra33_amd64      = "Windows Vista X64 Promise ULTRA33 (tm) Controller",
Ultra133TX2_i386  = "Windows Vista X86 Promise ULTRA133 TX2 (tm)
Controller", Ultra
Ultra100TX2_i386  = "Windows Vista X86 Promise ULTRA100 TX2 (tm)
Controller", Ultra
Ultra100_i386     = "Windows Vista X86 Promise ULTRA100 (tm) Controller",
Ultra100_i386_2   = "Windows Vista X86 Promise ULTRA100 (tm) Controller
(PDC20265)", Ultra
Ultra66_i386      = "Windows Vista X86 Promise ULTRA66 (tm) Controller",
Ultra33_i386      = "Windows Vista X86 Promise ULTRA33 (tm) Controller",

MSMVP 1998-2007
John Barnes replied on 20-Dec-07 09:38 PM
I agree on Promise and have stopped using their products.  As to IDE, most
newer MOBO's have halved the IDE ports available, and in the next year or
two, they will probably disappear, making the enclosures and add-on boards
the only option for using the dinosaurs.  :-)
Charlie Russel - MVP replied on 21-Dec-07 10:18 AM
Well, I can't say I'm surprised by the move away from IDE. Big fat
connectors that take up lots of space on the board and generally inferior
speed. But I'm sure I'll find ways to put my dinosaurs to work for a while
yet. Now if only I could afford to do things right and replace all my drives
with SAS and be done with it. Sigh. Well, at least my servers have all moved
that way.

Tom Ferguson replied on 21-Dec-07 12:45 PM
I have used Promise controllers with various boxes and MS OSs over the years
with no problem with the controller per se. I recall a problem with
installing XP on a drive connected to either the Ultra 100 or the Ultra 133
TX2. I never used the Ultra 100 TX2, a different product than the Ultra 100
TX2. If you were planning to install XP on such a drive, you had to create a
floppy with the driver files from the web site and do a F6 install rather
than try to use the driver that XP has in-box. If installing to a drive
attached to a different controller, say, on the MoBo, you could skip that.
However, bet to "update" the Promise controller driver as soon as possible
after system start.

I also used one called the "HotRod Ultra66". I gave that one away years ago
together with the box it was in.

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