Windows 7 - iTunes now Vista x64 compatible

Asked By Barb Bowman on 16-Jan-08 05:02 AM

Barb Bowman
MS Windows-MVP

Theo replied on 16-Jan-08 07:16 AM
Something a bit different when one clicks on the link below.
If you're in 32-bit Windows you are presented a link for
the 32-bit iTunes, iTunesSetup.exe.  If you're in 64-bit
Windows you get a link for the 64-bit iTunes, iTunes64Setup.exe.
Peter Auerbacher replied on 16-Jan-08 07:37 AM
Does it work with Windows 2003 X64?

Theo schrieb:
Peter Auerbacher replied on 16-Jan-08 08:39 AM
i tried it but it only works with Vista 64 how can i download 32bit
version it automatically loads 64bit ...



Peter Auerbacher schrieb:
Theo replied on 16-Jan-08 09:07 AM
Apparently you have to be in 32-bit Windows to be directed
to the link for the 32-bit.  That's what I described below.
Charlie Russel - MVP replied on 16-Jan-08 10:36 AM
Correct. You'll see the version for the OS you are currently running.

Charlie Russel - MVP replied on 16-Jan-08 10:36 AM
Thanks, Barb. About time.

Peter Auerbacher replied on 16-Jan-08 10:51 AM
but i wanted to download it from a Windows 2003 R2 32bit and it also
downloaded the 64bit version ...

Charlie Russel - MVP schrieb:
Theo replied on 16-Jan-08 11:51 AM
See if you can get it with this URL:
Peter Auerbacher replied on 16-Jan-08 12:01 PM
thx worked :)

Theo schrieb:
Carlo replied on 16-Jan-08 12:04 PM
32-bit D/L link:
64-bit D/L link:

Found both at:

KevinD replied on 16-Jan-08 12:08 PM
That is AWESOME.

it is about time these companies get their act together on this front.
Hurrah Apple.
Homer J. Simpson replied on 21-Jan-08 11:34 AM
Death to iTunes.

Dragging and dropping MP3 files in Explorer--that is as complicated as I like
it to be.
MrJ replied on 28-Jan-08 05:51 AM
New Itunes is working fine - BUT when i try to get in to my account,
thepopup-window dos not work and itunes shuts down. Anyone know?
MrJ replied on 29-Jan-08 03:49 AM
Hi again and thanks for quick answer. The problem is that when I choose sign
in - the dialog-box quick appears before it shuts down, so I don`t get time
to write in my username and password. (Itunes has stopped working) and whole
Itunes shuts down. Is this a x64 problem?

Charlie Russel - MVP replied on 29-Jan-08 10:59 AM
This is an Apple problem that I suggest you ask about over on their support

mis replied on 05-Feb-08 04:50 AM
Just as an FYI, it will not install the 64 bit software on X64. Of
course, there is no reason it should, but I thought I'd give it a try.