Windows 7 - ASPI for XP x64

Asked By Denis on 26-Jun-08 01:03 AM
I have been looking for ASPI for XP x64 but have not been able to find it.  My
converter programs will not work without it.  Does anyone know where I can find

Tony Sperling replied on 26-Jun-08 04:40 AM
I am not sure about this issue but here is a link with some sort of guide
that may help, or lead you further on:

Tony. . .

Jim replied on 27-Jun-08 10:24 PM


I don't know as much as most other group members, but it was my
understanding that ASPI is built in to XP.  It was only Windows 98 and
below which required a separate install of ASPI.

Adaptec had a ASPI installer check, but I'm not sure it is still

Denis replied on 26-Jun-08 02:33 PM
If it's built into XP Pro x64, my programs aren't seeing it.  Whenever I try
to run a video program, it tells me that ASPI is missing.  I've looked all
over the internet.  I've found ASPI for Vista but not XP Pro x64 or even XP
x64.  Thanks for replying.
Thomas Scheidegger replied on 26-Jun-08 04:19 PM
at your own risk:

Readme.txt states:

For Win XP 64-bit:
ASPI64.SYS    will be copied to %windir%\system32\drivers\ASPI32.SYS
WNASPI64.DLL  will be copied to %windir%\system32\WNASPI32.DLL

Thomas Scheidegger - 'NETMaster' -
David replied on 26-Jun-08 07:22 PM
Just be aware that the Adaptec 64-bit version mentioned, is for "Windows XP
Professional x64 Edition' on Itanium Systems (IA64)".
It is *not* for 'Windows XP Professional x64 Edition' on AMD64/Intel EM64T
chips.  The x64 driver will appear to install, but will not load.
Tony Sperling replied on 26-Jun-08 07:33 PM
Ah, a most valuable contribution!

Thanks David!

Tony. . .

Denis replied on 26-Jun-08 08:03 PM
It's been very hard for me to reach this forum and, when I get her, I usually
can't respond so I hope this goes thru.  The link in the email that I receive
doesn't work either.  This started happening a few months ago.

Ok, I appreciate your advice Thomas, but I'm not sure if I'm completely
understanding what you're saying.  What I read, from you and the link
provided, I can download ASPI but it won't install because I have an athlon
processor?  Is there no alternative?
Denis replied on 26-Jun-08 08:11 PM
I tried ASPI 4.71.a.2 but it did not work.  I received a message that says
that it is not intended for a machine with my type of os.
Denis replied on 26-Jun-08 08:21 PM
It seems that Vista x64 has been the chosen os and XP Pro x64 is almost being
ignored by most software and hardware manufacturers.  I'm very seriously
thinking about switching to Vista x64.  I had the opportunity to do so
several months ago when a tab on my DVD ROM drive broke and my XP Pro X64 was
shattered into pieces.  I bought a new DVD ROM drive and another XP Pro X64
disk, thinking that it would just take time for XP Pro x64 to gain more
ground, but it didn't.

Thank you, everyone, for your advice.

David replied on 26-Jun-08 08:29 PM
Forgot to mention this earlier.  The x32 version from Adaptec will also
*NOT* function on XP x64 for AMD/Intel chips - it will once again fail to
load, being incompatible.

Most programs that need ASPI look for WNAPI32.DLL in the ..\System32\
folder.  I've been able to successfully fudge this under XP x64 by the
following means:
I have the basic functions of Nero 7 installed and this includes ASPI, but
it is not installed in '..Windows\System32\' or '...\Windows\SysWow64\',
but rather in the folder '...\Nero 7\Core\'.  In that folder, find the file
called WNAPSI32.DLL and copy this into the '...\Windows\SysWow64\'  folder.
When I next ran the two programs I have that needed ASPI, they loaded and
functioned without problems.

Hope this helps in some small way.
Denis replied on 26-Jun-08 09:45 PM
This may be a very good solution.  I have Nero 7 and just copied the file to
the WOW folder.  I'll let you know what happens.  At this point, I don't
believe there's an ASPI for XP Pro x64. Thanks for your unique solution.
Denis replied on 26-Jun-08 10:26 PM
What do you think of this?  . . .

SCSI Pass Through Direct - SPTD v1.56 (64 bit) [1.0 MB]

similar to other access layers used by other programs (eg. ASPI from Adaptec,
or standard SPTI from Microsoft) who provide access to storage devices but it
has a lot more features that make this interface unique. The key feature of
SPTD is its ability to provide direct control of devices without risk of
compromising it by some malicious 3rd party filter drivers or other "rootkit"
applications that are common today."
David replied on 26-Jun-08 10:51 PM

Since you didn't see my earlier warning about the Adaptec 'Itanium x64'
driver in time, you'll probably now have load errors in your System Event
Log at every boot.  You'll need to get the two files and a registry entry
out to prevent these.  Adaptec don't provide an uninstall, so I'm afraid
you'll have to get your hands dirty with a manual hack.

The Adaptec installation will have put two files into your system:
Both of these files will probably have dates from July 2002.  Also double
check the '...\Windows\SysWOW64\...' and '...\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers\'
locations to make sure they didn't also go there.

The registry key will try to load ASPI32.SYS at each boot, so you need to
remove the key:

NOTE:  The usual dire warnings about registry editing apply!

Hope you get the problem solved!
David replied on 26-Jun-08 11:05 PM

I installed SPTD (v1.56 x64) in the past as part of Daemon Tools (to create
a CD/DVD-ROM drive emulator) and it appeared to work under XP Pro x64.
However, Daemon Tools caused me some reliability problems with burning
CD/DVD discs, so I removed it.

I can't now remember what SPTD does install, but I don't think it puts a
WNASPI32.DLL file on the system, and it is this specific filename that many
older applications (written for the Adaptec driver) look for.  SPTD does
uninstall, so you could give it a try.

Denis replied on 27-Jun-08 12:30 AM
I have a BenQ DW1655 Lightscribe.  I was told that I should never update the
drivers for the BenQ.  If I installed SPTD, would it change its drivers or
David replied on 27-Jun-08 05:46 AM
I don't believe it will, but have no experience of the Benq writer.  My HP
workstation came with an HP Lightscribe drive, but I removed that and
replaced it with a pair of Plextors.
I'm surprised you've been told to 'never update' the lightscribe drivers,
since HP regularly issue updated Lightscribe drivers for their products.
The mentioned 'reliability problems with burning CD/DVD discs' that I had,
were more due to Daemon Tools.

Jim replied on 27-Jun-08 10:24 PM


I *did* switch from x64 to Vista 64-bit *precisely* because I could
not find programs that would work in x64 yet more and more new
versions were being released for Vista 64-bit.  Two clear examples are
iTunes, which does not work in x64, but is supposed to work in Vista
64-bit (I do not actually use it.).  The most important was CyberLink
CyberLink PowerDVD Blu-ra, which I actually *do* use.  They claim,
incorrectly so it turns out, that they do not support x64, but they do
support Vista 64-bit.  My Okidata printer also has more drivers for
Vista 64-bit.  Overall, the switch is not too difficult to make, but I
hate Visa.  It takes almost twice as much space on my RAID array
(almost 250 GB) for reasons I do *not* understand.  Also my EMC
Retrospect does *not* work as well under Vista.

I hope you find this useful.

R. C. White replied on 27-Jun-08 12:59 PM
Hi, Denise.

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Try it.  I think you'll like it.  ;<)

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Denis replied on 27-Jun-08 01:16 PM
The wording of the advice that I received was "don't ever change the drivers
for the BenQ because it will be reduced to a desktop paperweight."  There
might be a difference between updating drivers for the BenQ and updating the
Lightscribe driver, I don't know.  I haven't used it for burning except for
an executable file of my drivers and to install software that I received with
hardware.  For now, I'll leave it as it is until I've gained some experience
with it.