Windows 7 - Looking for a tool to dump the content of .pdb file

Asked By sunsh on 10-Feb-07 01:13 PM
I can use dumpbin to output content of .exe and .dll files in text
format. I can use dumpchk to do the same with minidump files. I am
looking for something similar to dump .pdb contents.

w2k_pdbx.exe on this article is very close to what I am looking for,
but it cannot handle the latest .pdb from Microsoft:

Thanks for your help.

Jochen Kalmbach [MVP] replied on 10-Feb-07 01:36 PM
Hi sunshe!

Why not use the offical DIA-SKD?

There is also a great sample:
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\DIA SDK\Samples\DIA2Dump


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sunsh replied on 10-Feb-07 11:31 PM
Danke, Jochen.

After I added the include directory for dia2.h, it compiles perfectly.
And dia2dump is exactly what I was looking for.