Windows 7 - dt command does not work properly

Asked By pave on 24-May-08 09:35 AM
the command
dt -ny test!
works properly, where test is my module name, but the command
dt -ny ntdll!
your help will be highly appreciated
thank you

Pat Styles [MSFT] replied on 29-May-08 12:37 PM
Hello Pavel.

It seems possible that there is no type information in ntdll.  Could you
please provide a more detailed script of what happened when you execute
these commands?  I would like to get a better idea what you mean by the
word "fails".

Also, could you tell me the full path you got ntdll.pdb from?  I can use
this to track down the symbol file and examine it.  You can get this by
starting the debugger with the -n command line switch.

.pat styles [microsoft]
Pat Styles [MSFT] replied on 29-May-08 12:38 PM
testing - please ignore.
Pat Styles [MSFT] replied on 30-May-08 05:33 PM
Hello Pavel.

This is due to a bug in the symbol handler.  At this moment, I do not
know when a fix will be delivered, but I think it's safe to say the fix
will be in the next release.

.pat styles [microsoft]