Windows 7 - Dump contents of DataSet/DataTable?

Asked By Greg Nagel on 25-Feb-09 02:01 PM
Hi There

We've got a problem with the CPU usage on our production webservers spiking
to 100%. We managed to get a crash dump and I think I've found the code that
is causing the problem. However, in order to prove it I need to be able to
see the data inside a DataSet (more specifically the data inside one of the
DataTables inside the DataSet).

I've tried to navigate through the members of the DataSet class (using
through the DataSet, into the DataTable, into the RowCollection &
ColumnCollection, but so far I haven't actually made it to any data yet. I
did find one article where someone had done something similar and they
mention that the actual data is stored inside the ColumnCollection. I'm
still digging through this collection to see what I can find.

I'd normally sit through this and eventually figure it out, but I'm a bit
rushed for time - this is starting to have a severe impact on production.

I'm sure I'm not the 1st person to attempt this. So my question is: does
anybody have some advice on inspecting the contents of a DataSet? Or maybe a
windbg script that can do it? Or does sos have a DataSet equivalent of


ali replied on 08-Mar-09 03:28 AM
I have a similar problem.
I have not found straightforward way to dump DataSet but the datatable -
hope it helps:

WinDBG+SOS: Getting at the values in a DataTable