Windows 7 - cannot get into my hotmail account

Asked By kare on 01-Apr-07 08:28 PM
It has been 2 days and i acn not figure out why my hotmail account is
microsoft live id . I tried logging on as before but it won't open up. I
tried entering new account still nothing. I am frustrated .it shows I am
logged in when I try applying for new account also. Do i have a setting
wrong? I do not want login anymore. How do I get my old hotmail
account to work on the old hotmail sign in.

artfudd replied on 02-Apr-07 03:20 AM
Log into your Live Mail... on the right near the top go to "Options"... then
select "more options.." - then look for this:

Click here to use the classic version, which is good for slow connections.
You can also switch back to MSN Hotmail."
Art (artfudd)
kare replied on 02-Apr-07 06:48 PM
I can not login .   !That is my biggist problem. any other ideas????