Windows 7 - Outbox for windows live mail

Asked By SHEARE on 11-May-07 04:19 AM
Hello can someone please tell me how i can find msgs sitting in my outbox
even though there is no folder for outbox,this is because when i bring up
windows live mail i get a msg saying there is one or more msgs sitting in my
outbox do not have a valid account specified.

Colin Brown replied on 11-May-07 10:55 AM
Your outbox is under "On this computer" under your email accounts.
If you cannot see "On this computer", then go to the View menu and you can
turn it on from there.

Colin Brown
BkStCrawler replied on 28-Jun-07 07:27 PM
I cannot see "On This Computer", nor do I see how to turn it on under the
mail in my "Outbox". If I click OK to send I get the error message that the
mail cannot be sent. I seem to be able to send news posts OK but not email.

Kathleen Lambert replied to BkStCrawler on 08-Mar-12 06:50 PM
Just click 'view' when you get to your home email page -- Outbox should appear - click - cancel anything that you want to delete - worked for me.  I use firefox if that makes a difference.