Windows 7 - Hungarian Characters

Asked By ovar on 09-Jul-07 03:16 AM
Would you enable the feature which is currently available in Windows Live
Messenger, that when following keystrokes are pressed in Mail, Contact,
Feeds, etc. it will work.

Ctrl+’ a = á
Ctrl+’ A = Á
Ctrl+’ e = é
Ctrl+’ E = É
Ctrl+’ i = í
Ctrl+’ I = Í
Ctrl+’ o = ó
Ctrl+’ O = Ó
Ctrl+’ u = ú
Ctrl+’ U = Ú

Ctrl+: o = ö
Ctrl+: O = Ö
Ctrl+: u = ü
Ctrl+: U = Ü

Note these below don’t work with Windows Live Messenger, but it would be
great if they would
Ctrl+” o = ő
Ctrl+” O = Ő
Ctrl+” u = ű
Ctrl+” U = Ű

Roland Bierlein replied on 09-Aug-07 09:52 AM

Just curious, ovari, why would you want to use that special shortcuts?
Should you not be able to directly enter those characters with a hungarian
keyboard layout? Ä, Ö, Ü, f.i. are used in German, too, and they are
available on the keyboard as separate characters, no shortcuts needed.

Please reply to the newsgroup to give others a chance
to help, or to learn from your experience. Thank you!
ovar replied on 10-Aug-07 05:08 AM
Thank you for your response Roland.

There are a few reasons to include the shortcuts.  Ones that come to mind
immediately are listed below for your convenience:

1.  When writing a document in English, it is more convenient to use the
shortcuts to write a Hungarian name which has these characters, than to
change the keyboard layout to Hungarian for one word (such as their name) and
change the layout back again.

2.  It would be good to have these shortcuts available when using a
temporary computer (eg internet cafés) which have access to change the
keyboard denied.

3.  Changing the keyboard layout does not change the letters written on the
keyboard hardware.  Anyone who has learnt to type on an English (US) keyboard
may not be as efficient in typing on a keyboard with the Hungarian keyboard

4.  The code to make it happen is already available within Microsoft as it
is integrated in Microsoft Word and Windows Live Messenger.  Adding the
currently unsupported shortcuts listed below should be a relatively simple
Ctrl+” o = ő
Ctrl+” O = Ő
Ctrl+” u = ű
Ctrl+” U = Ű

As this feature is currently available in Microsoft Word and Windows Live
Messenger, I believe this feature will only add a benefit for people who
currently utilise it in Microsoft Word and Windows Live Messenger and have
Windows Live Mail.  For people who do not need this feature, it will not
reduce their productivity.
Roland Bierlein replied on 10-Aug-07 08:12 AM
Buenas tardes: *ovari* escribió:

Very well reasoned and written, ovari. You have convinced me to file a
suggestion copying your text from both your posts. We shall see what the
WLMail team thinks of it. ;-)

Probleme mit OE oder Windows Mail? <> & <>
ovar replied on 17-Aug-07 08:26 AM
Ideally, it would be best if this functionality was incorporated into the
Windows operating system, so text fields in all programs could use these

Once incorporated, third party software would automatically be able to use
these shortcuts without further coding.

Do you know how this request could be forwarded to the Windows operating
system team and incorporated into a Vista hotfix (or equivalent)?