Windows 7 - Cannot open messages

Asked By Jennife on 09-Jul-07 02:22 PM
I just installed WLM.  All of my folders and list of emails appear, but none
of them will open.  Every message I click on says "Windows Live Mail
encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. Check your
computer for low memory or low disk space and try again."  I've got 25 GB
free space on my computer!  Can anybody please help???

Colin Brown WLMVP replied on 09-Jul-07 05:56 PM
Haven't come across this problem before but you can try this :-
In windows explorer, go to C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\local
settings\microsoft\windows Live Mail

In there you should see a bunch of folders (hotmail etc., one folder for
each mail account you have setup).
Within these folders you should find folders marked inbox, sent items etc.
Take a backup of these folders (just in case) then go into each folder,
inbox, Junk e-mail, Sent items, drafts and deleted items and clear out any
files in there.
Do this for all your mail accounts.
Once that's done, load Windows Live Mail and try re-syncing your accounts.

Colin Brown
Jennife replied on 09-Jul-07 06:38 PM
Thanks Colin, but these folders are all empty.  So strange.  I have no idea.
WLM worked great on my home PC and laptop.  But I'm trying to do this at work
and I'm still getting that same error.  Maybe there's a firewall stopping me
or something, but I had the old Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta before this
and it was fine, so I guess I should have never tried to upgrade.  Oh well.
Thanks for your time :)
Colin Brown WLMVP replied on 10-Jul-07 12:03 PM
As these folders are all empty, that means you haven't downloaded any mail
so have nothing to lose.
In this case I would suggest trying to un-install WLM, reset your machine
then re-install it and see if that works.
You can find the latest version of WLM here :-

Colin Brown