Windows 7 - Error 0x80048862

Asked By Rob Roy on 10-Oct-07 04:13 PM
Can't check my Hotmail with Windows Live Mail Beta Build 12.0.1365 - I
receive the following error on one recently created account:

Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail (account name) account.
Sorry, we were unable to sign you in to Windows Live ID at this time. Please
try again later.

Server Error: 0x80048862
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80048862

My other accounts login to Live ID and work fine, and I can access this
account in the web interface.

Any help is much appreciated.

Mandy Botha replied to Rob Roy on 30-Jul-10 04:53 PM
First my mail changed, but i could still log into messenger, then suddenly yesterday i start receiving the same error code: 80048862

ive tried restoring my system to previous versions, and my laptops only a couple of weeks old mind you, so thats not helping much. i've gone thru so many troubleshooting suggestions from the microsoft team that are of no help i actually wonder if that lot know anything?

i don't know alot about computers, although i'm learning Perhaps windows live should try the whole restore to previous version route?? just a suggestion.

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Bruce Hagen replied to Mandy Botha on 30-Jul-10 04:57 PM
Egghead alert! You really think this guy is still watching this thread
three years later> <sheesh>

Calling EggHeadCafe users Eggheads is a compliment.