Windows 7 - Signature not showing up.

Asked By MIK on 29-Dec-07 11:28 PM
I put i want a signature but whenevr i send an email mine does not show up!!!!

Dave replied on 30-Dec-07 09:36 AM
Which type, text or html?

MIK replied on 30-Dec-07 10:21 AM
Dave replied on 30-Dec-07 11:26 AM
I assume you have tried the following...
Tools - Options - Signatures
[x] Add signatures to all outgoing messages
in the Signatures box, click New
in the Edit Signature area...
(.) Text
type your text in the box
click on "Set as default"
if you have more than one account, and multiple signatures, you might want
to click "Advanced..." to check each signature's assignment

MIK replied on 30-Dec-07 12:36 PM
Thanks it was the advanced part
Pockle replied on 31-Dec-07 08:06 PM
I have a similar problem. I have an HTML signature in outlook 2007 that
contains an image. I tried using the same signature in Windows Live Mail, but
the image doesn't show up when I use it in windows live mail.
Ron Sommer replied on 01-Jan-08 12:10 AM
Do you have the full path to the graphic?
Is send pictures with messages checked?
Ronald Sommer
Pockle replied on 01-Jan-08 12:31 AM
I opened up the HTML file and the image is shown. All I did was use the exact
same signature that outlook 2007 uses, but whenever i send a new message, it
doesn't show the image. I've got send pictures with message part checked.
Pockle replied on 01-Jan-08 11:46 AM
Ah ok I see the problem.
It seems to want the full path to the physical file, e.g.
C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application
Data\Microsoft\Signatures\Images\Image.jpg as opposed to just Images/Image.jpg
Thanks, it works now.
Gwen M replied on 11-Jan-08 03:41 PM
I cannot find where to check "rich text format" in the new Windows Live when
I am trying to create a signature.  I want my signature to be a jpg of my
business card - and I am using the FULL file location - but nothing is
working - and the signature will not even recognize HTML!  Please help!!!!
Ron Sommer replied on 11-Jan-08 08:27 PM
You created a html file and have selected that file for the signature file?
Ronald Sommer
John replied to Pockle on 23-Feb-10 12:18 PM
All I am trying to do is use a signature in color where each of the four
lines in the signature is a different color. I created such a file in MS-Word
2010 beta and saved it off as a webpage so it created the HTML page but with
a lot of code in the file. When I try to have the signature read from a file,
it does not work.

Ron Sommer replied to John on 23-Feb-10 09:09 PM
Signatures have to be under 4 KB.
Word html files are not know for thier small size.

The only thing missing from this code is the font family.

Ron Sommer
MS MVP- Windows Live Mail