Windows 7 - Why am I being watched?

Asked By ottoandterry on 02-Mar-08 01:43 PM

A few days ago, I wrote asking for help in deleting items.  You red-flagged
me on your site and indicated that I was being "watched".  Why is this?  I
don't think I pose any kind of danger to you or anyone else!!!  All I wanted
to know is how to delete items from my
deleted items file.  There are a number of them that indicate "an error has
occurred" when I try to delete them.  And to see microsoft communities.
However, I am not getting any answers and I am very disappointed in the way
I have been treated.

Any suggestions?

Otto Lawrence

Dave replied on 03-Mar-08 01:07 PM
This is a newsgroup, not a "site".
There is no one "watching" you.
Perhaps you clicked on the Watched Items column, the one with the
eyeglasses?  If one of the messages is the color red, and there's an
eyeglass symbol beside it, click again and again on the eyeglass to make it
go away.  This tool is useful in marking threads that you wish to follow.

Bob F. replied on 03-Mar-08 01:26 PM

Did you ever get your answer to "deleted item" problem?

Leen replied on 03-Mar-08 01:41 PM
This watch (of messages posted by you) is on by default in WLMail and
Windows Mail (Tools | Options | Advanced)
For the rest this "watch" feature is very much broken since Windows Mail
came out and MS isn't interested in fixing :-(.
It worked in Outlook Express...

About the delete messages :

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Gary VanderMolen replied on 03-Mar-08 02:26 PM
One reason you may not have received replies is because you posted
to the wrong newsgroup. This newsgroup is for the Windows Live Mail
program, while it appears that you are using Windows Mail. The latter's
support newsgroup is .
The problem concerning undeletable 'stuck' emails is discussed daily
if not hourly in that newsgroup.  Try Microsoft's fix:
That article only mentions the outbox folder, but the fix works for
all folders.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (WLMail)