Windows 7 - E-mail Templates?

Asked By AN on 28-Mar-08 09:53 AM
Is there any way to create multiple e-mail templates for a given account.  I
can kind of do this with multiple signatures, but I'd also like to have the
subject line filled in.

I'd also like to figure out how to get the Bcc line filled in too, but I
pursued this on another thread without a solution.


Ron Sommer replied on 28-Mar-08 10:39 AM
You should stick with the original thread.

Create an email.
Fill in anything that will stay the same.
File, Save As, save to the Desktop or a Windows folder.
It will save as an eml file.
Click on the eml file, finish the composition, send.
The eml file will be available to use again.
Ronald Sommer
LAB Enterprises replied on 29-Mar-08 11:00 AM
I do this with a series of links on my internal admin pages:

a href="mailto:(name)?subject=(whatever you want)&Body=Dear
(name):%0d%0a%0d%0aText of message, signature etc">link name</a)

%0%d%0%a generates a line return and is the only way I have found to make it
work under vista. <br> tags don't.


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