Windows 7 - Where is blocked senders list?

Asked By Steve Thackery on 12-Jun-08 08:38 PM
I rebuilt my PC recently, and although I backed up everything in my Emails
folder (and thus all my emails were kept), I lost my blocked senders list.

Where is it stored, so next time I can back it up and restore it?



Urbane.Tiger replied on 12-Jun-08 09:24 PM
What is the path of your "Emails" folder, I back up the whole Mail Store -
which I've set to "d:\application data\mail storage", I think the black list
got restored when I did a restore a few weeks ago.  What's your backup

It's not obvious to me where the black list exactly is kept - maybe in
suspiciously like an OE database - OE has never been on this system - dunno

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Michael Santovec replied on 12-Jun-08 10:28 PM
It's in the registry at

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Block Senders]

As part of a backup, you'll want to save the whole registry tree

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail]

Among other things, you message rules are there, as well as a few
hundred other settings for WLM.


Mike -
PaulM replied on 12-Jun-08 10:55 PM
That should read:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Junk Mail\Block
Senders List\

Steve Thackery replied on 13-Jun-08 03:27 AM
Great!  Many thanks, guys.

Urbane.Tiger replied on 13-Jun-08 07:04 AM
Would it be rude to as why data of this sort (ie application specific data)
is being kept in the registry.

Where is it written that a registry backup should be part of every Mail
Storage backup - especially if you intend to reinstall WLMail.  Indeed why
does the WLMail install keep the Mail Store and clobber the Registry
settings, that's a defect.

The restore of my Mail Store that I referred to in a previous post was NOT
preceded by a WLMail install, hence I did not lose them

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R. C. White replied on 13-Jun-08 09:30 AM
Hi, Steve.

To see the Blocked Senders list from inside WLM, click Tools | Safety
options | Blocked Senders.

But you probably knew that.  ;^}

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64 SP1)
Steve Thackery replied on 13-Jun-08 01:17 PM
I did, thanks, RC.  The issue for me was that I'd spent some time building
up my blocked senders list, and didn't want to lose it when I reformatted
and reinstalled Vista.  I couldn't find where it was stored, but all is
clear now.

Steve Thackery replied on 13-Jun-08 01:21 PM
This is an issue that will run and run with Windows software: whether to put
application-related data into the registry, the Users area, or the
normally-hidden C:\ProgramData\ folder.

Also, the dividing line between application data and user data is debatable.
For instance, the blocked senders list might be considered one or the other,
depending on your point of view.

It's a bit of a mess, to be honest.  As a small-time programmer myself, I
tend to avoid the registry.

Michael Santovec replied on 13-Jun-08 05:34 PM
That's Odd,  I don't even have a "Junk Mail" key.  And my blocked
senders list is as I stated before

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Block Senders]


Mike -
Ildhund replied on 13-Jun-08 06:20 PM
That's odd, too. I don't have the key you mention (on XPSP3). My
blocked senders lists are under "PerPassportSettings", like
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live
Mail\PerPassportSettings\1234567890\Junk Mail\Block Senders List.
Perhaps it depends on OS and on whether there is a, or more than
one, Live ID involved. Incidentally, a good way to keep the list
backed up is to sign in - that synchronizes black- and whitelists as
well as contacts.
Michael Santovec replied on 13-Jun-08 07:21 PM
I did some more digging.

The list at
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Block Senders]

appears to have been imported from Outlook Express.  It has separate
mail and news lists and is what I had in OE.

I found the active WLM list at

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live
Mail\PerPassportSettings\0\Junk Mail\Block Senders List]

It includes the imported list from OE plus changes made since then.

I don't have any Hotmail/Live e-mail accounts, and although I have a
passport account, I don't sign-in to it via WLM.


Mike -
PaulM replied on 13-Jun-08 07:59 PM
Here is my reg key:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Junk Mail\Block
Senders List]

Steve Thackery replied on 14-Jun-08 03:37 AM
That's very helpful, thanks.

Urbane.Tiger replied on 14-Jun-08 07:47 PM

I avoid it because in part it's what MS have been telling me to do for
the last decade or more - also its a pain for anything beyond atomic

In MS's defence WLMail's not a .NET app so it doesn't have the ready
access the libraries that .NET provides, e.g. I think the
System.Configuration library where the Settings stuff hangs out is a
'Net library, but in .NET one wouldn't put black lists into Settings
either, you'd put it in a List which you'd binary serialize to a file or
to a table in a compact database.

This begs the question why isn't WLMail a .NET app - performance would
be my guess.:sarc:  I dont think theres an MSDN for Live.Mail otherwise
I'd think about doing  something in WFM with Silverlight.:D
TUT at Vista64.

Steve Thackery;746063 Wrote:

...winston replied on 15-Jun-08 12:25 AM
If you only need the list of the blocked senders..
Turn on the logging feature in WLM(Tools/Options/Advanced/Maintenance).
- The log contains the list of blocked senders.
The log file(WindowsLiveMail.log) is in the same folder as WLM's store
- Tools/Options/Advanced/Maintenance/Store Folder

ms-mvp mail
Steve Thackery replied on 15-Jun-08 05:46 AM
Nice one.  Cheers, ...winston.

Urbane.Tiger replied on 16-Jun-08 09:49 AM

nice - can you confirm that one only need turn on General logging

ta much - TUT

...winston replied on 16-Jun-08 03:19 PM
Turn on Http logging.

ms-mvp mail
Michael Santovec replied on 16-Jun-08 10:34 PM
So are you saying this would only apply if you have a Hotmail account?


Mike -
Urbane.Tiger replied on 16-Jun-08 11:26 PM
winston - your knowledge well is unfathomable, but I do have some follow up

Can you confirm that I don't need General logging enabled to get blocked
senders written into the mail store

This maybe the same as Michaels S' question - what the %$##*& has Hyper Text
Transport Protocol got to do with the list of Simple Mail Transport Protocol

Michael tentatively suggests that this only applies if you've got a Hotmail
account because the addresses come in via  WebDav or Delta Synch that
transport over HTTP.

If this is so then I am led to conclude that black listed addresses are
structured into groups determined by the transport protocol that that mail
item used to get into my WL Mail Inbox.

It follows therefore a black list entry created within the context of a mail
item that came from a POP3 account over SMTP will not be compared to a mail
arriving from the same sender across another transport protocol, eg Delta
Synch over HTTP - that is daft.

But its not just the transport protocol that's in play, the the mail box
type too - so its even dafter.

If I add an address to the blocked senders list manually there's no place to
put the transport protocol, nor the mail box type.

Perhaps you need to ponder your answer, I am doubting its efficacy, which is
something to which I'm not used.

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...winston replied on 17-Jun-08 03:58 AM
Hello Michael,
If an Http email account(hotmail, live, is included in a send/receive then the WindowsLiveMail.log will contain the
current WLM blocked senders list(blocklist) and safe senders(whitelist).  Note: Final writing to the log file occurs upon WLM

A few other items are also written(unblockable addresses, unblockable domains, unallowable domains.

Having the block and safe lists might come in handy...but imo and ***more importantly***,  the log file includes the Contact list
of each Live ID account(included in the Send/Receipt).

You can see enabling the log file has some added benefit, especially for those who may be prone to accidentally deleting a given
Live ID's
Contacts... inevitably wiping out local and remote Contact by synchronization on the Delta server and/or eventually with
Live Messenger.
-  Writes to the log file are sequential, thus the log may have a prior list of a LiveID's Contacts !!!

The Logfile writes the Contact data in the form:
This data or range of data can be copied to Excel and with a little bit of creativity(Text to Columns and an appropriate
delimiter), the data can be cleaned up and appropriate row titles added for saving as a csv file.   :)

ms-mvp mail
...winston replied on 17-Jun-08 04:41 AM

ms-mvp mail

Don't earlier comment was only based on the presence of the blocked senders list availability in the log file.  Iirc,
Mail store was only mentioned as the location of the log file. The logfile does have some other info that may be of value...see my
response to Michael's question.

Http logging is applicable to an Http account not pop3/smtp accounts.

- not entirely accurate. The block sender list(blocklist), safe sender list(whitelist) in the log from WLM(and independent of
an http account web ui
- turn on http logging and validate for yourself :)

To the above 13 lines..don't over analyze it!

And a suggestion, if I may ask...try including some of the prior text in the response...its much easier to respond to a question
when the material being questioned or referenced is included.
Michael Santovec replied on 17-Jun-08 05:14 PM
I just wanted to clarify for those, like myself, who have NO
Hotmail/Live/MSN accounts, None of that stuff gets written to the log
under any circumstances and so we need to make proper backups of that
information for ourselves.


Mike -
...winston replied on 17-Jun-08 09:16 PM
Understood, though I suspect that quite a few in this forum and increasing rate elsewhere as WLM evolves, have at least one http
account configured in WLM and should be aware of the potential and fail-safe advantage.

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