Windows 7 - Cannot Login to Hotmail -- Server Error: 5102 (details in body of message)

Asked By jonmalli on 24-Jun-08 02:06 AM
If I use the WLM Client, I receive the following error:

Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail (mallinj) account.
Windows Live Mail can't connect to the Hotmail server. To send and
receive messages in your Hotmail account, go to
on the Web, or try again later.

Server Error: 5102
Server Response: Xfs request 'r' failed. Response code:
'InternalServerError', server response: '999           0'
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE20003

If I go through a web browser, I get:

Login Error
Windows Live Hotmail was not able to sign in to your account at this
time. Please try again later.

This sounds like it is all server-side problems.  Right?  How long for
a fix?

...winston replied on 24-Jun-08 01:24 AM
Yes....that would be the first thought on the problem.

Did you try to the Hotmail web site via http:/ ?

Can you access using that same Live Id/pw to logon ?

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dccorbi replied on 11-Oct-08 12:59 AM
I received same issue, how did you get it to finally work?
Highspar replied on 13-Oct-08 09:48 PM
are you receiving the same error text, or is it a timeout?  also, can you
access your account from the web ui?
annabell replied on 01-Jun-09 05:36 AM
"Highspar" wrote:
...winston replied on 01-Jun-09 03:42 PM
You might wish to start a new thread, rather than to respond to a much older thread.

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NIcola replied to ...winston on 11-Jan-10 09:23 PM
I got the same problem on WLM for just 1 of my accounts there : Server
Error: 5102 etc..  Other 2 accounts [1 is] are working fine

When I log in from it works though. I can I resolve this, since
I have always been using WLM?


Mats replied to NIcola on 18-Mar-10 12:47 PM

Same problem here.. (Error: 5102 )
What shall I do?!

Gary VanderMolen [MVP] replied to Mats on 18-Mar-10 02:22 PM
Even the site that is supposed to be helpful for those issues
is experiencing technical difficulties of its own.
I suggest you switch to a more reliable mail service provider,
like Gmail or your ISP.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
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