Windows 7 - Newsgroups: How do I get Live Mail to download ALL messages?

Asked By Trevor on 11-Aug-08 06:39 PM
I am really getting frustrated. Live Mail reports: there are 9057 messages
not downloaded for a particular newgroup. I selected ALL MESSAGES for
synchronization and it limits it to 300. So, I find the setup page and
someone decided that nobody needs access to more than 1,000 - unless there is
something I am misunderstanding because I change this:

Tools>Options>Read>Get '1,000' headers at a time

That seems to be a hard-coded limit for retreiving old messages. Why? Who
decided that? Am I wrong? I NEED all 9057, not 1,000!!

Why do I need them all?

I am a support user of the newsgroup and support other users - they often
refer to or need access to the "old" messages. A newsreader that is uncapable
of retreiving all messages is simply worthless to me for obvious reasons, the
messages not downloaded are completely inaccessible.

I am hoping that my frustration is unwarranted and that there is some setup
option - somewhere that will allow me to download - All - the actual messages
and not have some arbitrary limit hard-coded into the product restrict me.

Please... PLEASE... tell me there is away to get Live Mail to download all
messages for a newsgroup????


John Inzer replied on 11-Aug-08 09:16 PM
Try the following...

Select a newsgroup and go to...
Tools / Synchronize newsgroup

You may have to select it more than
once to make the screen appear that
allows you to choose:

Get the following items / All messages / OK


John Inzer
MS Digital Media MVP

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I am a volunteer

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me may not work for you

Proceed at your own risk
Ron Sommer replied on 11-Aug-08 11:07 PM
WLM is the same as OE, uncheck Get xx headers at a time.
All unread messages will download.
Ronald Sommer
Trevor replied on 11-Aug-08 11:09 PM
The previous suggestion did not work, but I did get an answer:

1. Open Windows Live Mail
2. Go to "Newsgroups"
3. Click on the newsgroup to highlight it
4. Click on "Tools"
5. Click on "Get next 1000 headers" (NOTE: the number 1,000 is set as I
described in my original post, the default is 300)
6. Repeat step 5 until Windows Live Mail downloads all the messages

BTW: If anyone with any influence with future updates reads this:

Discovery of how to acheive what I needed is terrible:

1. There should be no hard-coded limit (why?)
2. There should be a simple context menu option when a newsgroup is
highlighted to "Download all messages"
Gary VanderMolen replied on 12-Aug-08 01:02 AM
There is no hard-coded limit. I've downloaded over 20,000 headers at a=20
time. All you need to do is uncheck that option "Get xx headers at a =

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

R. C. White replied on 12-Aug-08 09:34 AM
Hi, Trevor.

As Gary and Ron said, it's very simple (when you know):  Just UNcheck that
Get ___ headers  box.

And the only way to go over 1,000 is to get them ALL.  In ALL groups!

So be prepared for a long wait if you are on a slow connection and have any
large newsgroups.  ( currently shows 30,000+ posts
available).  Especially since we can't change this selection on an
individual newsgroup; it's all groups or none.  :>(  If you subscribe to
several large NGs, you'll have time for a cup of coffee - or even a
leisurely lunch.

Then you might also want to check out Tools | Options | Advanced |
Maintenance.  In the Cleaning Up Messages section here, you can change the
settings for how long to KEEP messages AFTER you've downloaded them to your
own hard drive.  Under "Purge...", you can set it to "Delete news messages
___ days after being downloaded".  The default is 5 days, but you can set it
to retain them for 10 or 30 or 90 days - or UNcheck the box to keep them
forever (I suppose).  Note that this is days after your download, not days
after the message was posted.  We have no control over how long Microsoft or
another news server retains posts.  The server may still have messages we
haven't downloaded; we may still have messages that have been deleted from
the server after our download.

None of this is a change from WM - or even from OE.  It goes back a few
generations (OE4?).

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64 SP1)
Leen replied on 12-Aug-08 01:59 PM
Uncheck ==> Tools>Options>Read>Get '1,000' headers at a time


Have a nice day!
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Robert Aldwinckle replied on 12-Aug-08 02:32 PM
In fact it would but it wasn't complete,
so you probably didn't use the dialog
correctly when you were prompted.

FYI in order to use a  Synchronize  command you have
to set a  Synchronize  option too.   If you had already
downloaded some message headers the one you
would have to use would be  All Messages.

The suggestion you were given would have worked
for any synchronization setting (even Don't Synchronize)
if you had done a  Reset  newsgroup first.   Again, though
for that exception case you would have to have used
the prompt correctly to get anything downloaded.
E.g. AFAIK if Don't Synchronize is set as the newsgroup's
synchronization option the Synchronize Newsgroup dialog
would come up with none of its boxes checked.  ; }

Hmm...  well, apparently there is yet another WLMail
quirk you need to be aware of too...
Synchronize Newsgroup was greyed out until I
turned my full folder pane back on!   Who knew?  ; \

Robert Aldwinckle