Windows 7 - Email Sends Multiple Times

Asked By Ada on 14-Aug-08 01:31 PM
My friends have repeatedly told me that every email I send them from my Live
Mail Desktop client comes through three times. I don't know why three except
that I do have 3 accounts I actively check in the client.

Any troubleshooting here is appreciated.

Michael Santovec replied on 14-Aug-08 02:16 PM
If you had 3 accounts that were aliases for each other on the server,
its possible to have settings that would cause you to get 3 copies of
every incoming message.  But that wouldn't have any affect on what you

Does it matter which account you use for sending for them to get
multiple copies?

If you send a message to yourself do you get 3 copies of it?

Look in Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, Advanced.  Uncheck the break
apart option.
That setting wouldn't cause multiple copies but could cause larger
messages to be broken into multiple parts.

Also, if your anti-virus is set to scan outgoing mail, disable that.
With some anti-virus (and anti-spam) programs, simply disabling the
e-mail scanning function doesn't really disable it.  It simply tells the
program not to flag any messages.  It still processes all the messages
and may still cause send/receive problems.  What you may need to do is
uninstall the anti-virus program, then reinstall it using a custom
install option and unselect the e-mail scanning component for


Mike -