Windows 7 - ERROR MESSAGE "Windows Live Mail Must Close"

Asked By Pag on 25-Oct-08 01:52 PM
Live has been working just fine today the all of a sudden I started getting
this error message saying "Sorry, something unexpected happened and Windows
Live Mail must close. Your most recent changes may not be saved."

I can still send and receive email but this message has me bothered!

Any ideas?

...winston replied on 26-Oct-08 01:39 AM
Force WLM to compact the data.
- change the Compact counter to 1
Click Close/Apply/OK
Click File/Work Offline
Click File/Exit
Minimize all other open Windows except WLM
Ok the prompt to compact when the dialog box appears on your screen

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Davi replied on 26-Oct-08 01:47 PM
That did not work for me.  It said it compressed the data but the error still
comes up saying it needs to shutdown.
...winston replied on 26-Oct-08 01:53 PM
WLM Support

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Pag replied on 26-Oct-08 05:33 PM
Not only did this not work for me I cannot even open WLM now!
Davi replied on 26-Oct-08 08:10 PM
I found another thread that said to rename Windows Live Contacts.  That fixed
the problem and one I also had with Messenger Beta.
Pag replied on 26-Oct-08 09:16 PM
So you had to go through and rename all of your contacts?
...winston replied on 26-Oct-08 08:21 PM
Stating the version of WLM is always a plus in seeking a solution especially more so when posting from the web interface.

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...winston replied on 26-Oct-08 08:24 PM
WLM version ?
O/S ?
IE8 beta installed ?
wlmail.exe still running as a process in Windows Task Manager ?
Machine reboot and still unable to open WLM ?

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Davi replied on 26-Oct-08 10:49 PM
Sorry about that.  I am running Windows Live Mail Beta (version 14.0).  The
fix follows, copied from the thread

1. Shutdown WL Mail (and other WL applications if running).
2. Rename this folder: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live
3. Restart WL Mail.
...winston replied on 26-Oct-08 10:57 PM
Please state your Operating system and Windows Live Mail Version.
Signing on manually or automatically with a Windows Live ID when opening WL Mail ???

It appears David renamed his contact folder not individual contacts.  Since compaction did not resolve his issue, that indicated
some other form of corruption was present.

Note: Without confirmation from David and/or additional information(you and David) there is not enough information to determine if
your issue is exactly the same problem or if his resolution is applicable to your problem.

While its easy to indiscriminately delete or rename something patience and/or providing additional information may be warranted.

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Pag replied on 27-Oct-08 03:11 AM
I am running Visa and just updated WLM.

If you are asking if I have to key in ID and password when I open WML(?)
then the answer is no. I am now able to open WLM but I continue to have the
same error message and now when I close it out I have another message asking
if I would like to recover unsued disk space.

Hope I answered your questions
...winston replied on 28-Oct-08 03:20 AM
Thanks for closing the loop.
Much appreciated.

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...winston replied on 28-Oct-08 03:29 AM
Thanks Page..

I was asking if you are signed on with a Live ID. If set to remember =
password, it doesn't prompt but will use that Live ID.

Its still not clear if(as you stated earlier) that your issue is the =
same as David's).

Did you try David's suggestion(compliments to Eyal from Msft)

- Note: to determine if applicable to your situation, read the whole =

The message to compact is reappearing because you have the counter set =
to 1.
Does WLM ever complete a compact(after you File/Work Offline and =
File/Exit) ?

ms-mvp mail

have the
opening WL Mail ???
Since compaction did not resolve his issue, that indicated
information(you and David) there is not enough information to determine=20
applicable to your problem.
patience and/or providing additional information may be warranted.
That fixed
the error still
started getting
happened and Windows
Pag replied on 30-Oct-08 04:31 AM
Yes I am signed on with Live ID and I did try the suggestion made by David
but that too failed to resolve the issue.

I contacted MS and support suggested that I uninstall then reinstall the
program however I am afraid that I I do this I will loose all of the saved
information that I have.

The question seems to keep coming up if I have the latest version of WLM and
the answer is yes. I had just updated days earlier. The only thing that I had
done prior to this issue (and after updating) was to go through and update my
...winston replied on 24-Jan-09 11:08 PM
WLM Support
1. Logon to using your Windows Live ID, the cut =
and paste one the following urls to your browsers address=20
bar, the press the enter key

2. Click on the first item in the left hand pane FAQ List(e.g. click on =
How do I install and run WLM for the first time) then allow=20
that item to load in the right hand pane
3. Look in lower right, click on 'Get more Help', allow that page to =
4. Click on 'Get Support', the e-form will load.

Note..Logging one with your Live ID in step 1 at should =
also ensure that your account's Full name and email=20
address fields are automatically filled in on the e-form.
ms-mvp mail

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error still
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