Windows 7 - 0x80191002

Asked By BurntPi on 06-Feb-09 11:38 PM

My Window Live Mail is facing current problem:-

Unable to send or receive messages for the Msn (burntpig) account. To send
and receive messages in your Hotmail account, go to
on the Web, or try again later. To get help from Windows Live Customer
Support, go to and click Windows Live Mail in the
list of services.

Server Error: 0x80191002
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80191002

Please Help.


Colin Brown WLMVP replied on 09-Feb-09 11:31 AM
To resolve this issue, you need to contact the Windows Live Mail Support
Team as this is a server issue. To reach them:
1. Go to
2. Select one of the help topics displayed on the left panel.
3. Click Get more help at the lower-right corner of the window then click
Get support.
4. Complete the e-form and then click Submit.

Colin Brown